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Most people find it difficult to see the difference between argumentative and expository essays. There is little difference between the two. In fact, they all require students to investigate an area of study by collecting, generating, and evaluating evidence to establish a position. In all these, you have to be clear and concise. However, it is essential to show the boundary between the two genres. An argumentative essay differs from an expository only in the sense that it involves more pre-writing research or the gathering of evidence.

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Most colleges and universities assign argumentative essays as part if final, capstone projects, or other advanced composition courses. Such tasks involve lengthy and detailed research. Expository, on the other hand, is shorter and generally assigned to students for in-class assignments.

The first challenge that students face when they have such tasks is choosing from the many argumentative essay topics that they may have at their disposal. Others find it difficult to balance other school tasks with their academic work. It is understandable when you cannot find time to complete your assignments because; let us face it; we have all been there. Sometimes you do not want to look at your books. Other times you have so many papers to write and submit nearly around the same time. The assistance of professional essay writing service comes in during such situations. The primary benefit of getting such help is that you will get a chance to work with people who understand your topic better than you do.

The argumentative essay samples that you will come across online may not give you what you need regarding your paper. In fact, most students look for these only to have an idea about the argumentative essay format, but then they do not go any further with their writing. If you are fond of this, you have to beware that you are committing one of the fundamental academic ‘sins' of our times, which is procrastination. When you push your assignments forward, you are only piling up the pressure and giving yourself lesser chances of passing your exams. You do have to waste time searching for argumentative essay pdf to copy and submit. Get help from experts at for quality argumentative essays. We have the expertise that you will undoubtedly find worth trying out.

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Argumentative essay assignments demand a lot of attention to details that you may not pay attention to. Students seek assistance writing such papers because they have difficulties creating them or lack the time. Nevertheless, when you cannot write your paper, and you need help, you have to be sure the essay writers you are hiring understand your topic and have the expertise to deliver to your satisfaction. If you choose to work with, you will be giving yourself the chance to work with top-notch experts with vast experience in working with students like yourself. Having been in the industry for more than a decade, we understand everything that professors look for in argumentative essays and will help you create an essay that they will find compelling.

No matter your level of study, you have no reason to worry when choosing to work with us; our team of writers whose expertise fit various levels of education. For instance, you have to realize that there is a difference between an argumentative essay introduction for high school level and college or university levels. Our masters and Ph.D. writers will help you get the difference and help you get a document that captures what your discipline and level demand. We have writers who speak English as their native languages to ensure you get papers with eloquent arguments. Moreover, we have stepped up our efforts to meet the growing needs of our Spanish, German, and Japanese clients by hiring writers who speak these languages. Work with our top writers and be sure of top papers.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • Who will write my argumentative essay?

    We have a team of top essay writers who will work on your order. Their qualifications and experience make them the best in the industry.

  • Is it right to buy an argumentative essay online?

    Everyone needs help with his or her academic tasks. We believe that you are in school to get skills for your career. Therefore, when you are unable to work on your essay, it is ethically okay to seek help from someone else who understands your topic.

  • Will you help me get a custom argumentative essay?

    Our writers work on every order from scratch. Therefore, you can be sure that you will get a unique paper that will meet your professor's instructions. We believe that every client unique, hence, when you place an order with us, we treat your paper uniquely.

  • Can you write a neutral argumentative essay?

    Yes, we can. A neutral argumentative essay means you present a balanced argument without taking any sides. Let us know about your topic and let our writers help you create a perfect unbiased argumentative essay.

  • What is the purpose of an argumentative essay?

    An argumentative essay has many functions. However, one of the major purposes is to convince your reader to buy into your claims. Therefore, you have to present substantial evidence, put up an eloquent defense and get the reader to your side.

  • What are the features found in an argumentative essay?

    An argumentative essay is not unique as it may sound because there is a thin line separating it with persuasive and exploratory essays. Nevertheless, in this type of essay, some of the outstanding features are that you have to prepare arguments, which you have to balance from paragraph to paragraph. It should also have sections like the introduction, body paragraphs, and a conclusion.

  • Do you use first person in argumentative essay?

    This depends on the instructions from your professor. Some argumentative essays will require that you adopt a first-person approach while in some you will need to distance yourself from the argument by using a third-person point of view. However, it is rare to find argumentative essays that are in the second-person point of view.

  • How does one write a cohesive argumentative essay?

    Writing a cohesive argumentative essay requires that you conduct extensive research on the topic of your interest. Arguing from a knowledgeable point of view means you need enough evidence. Moreover, you have to create a connection between the sentences and paragraphs by using words such as ‘Furthermore,' ‘moreover,' ‘also' etc. These will give your reader an idea of a connection between the issues on which you are writing.

  • What makes evidence sufficient in an argumentative essay?

    The evidence sufficient in any study can only be adequate when it can sustain the argument you are trying to put across. This kind of essay requires that you take research as your first step before writing.

  • What are some prompts for argumentative writing?

    Teachers and professors have diverse ideas when it comes to giving prompts to argumentative essays. Some will provide you with a short narrative, which they will require you to complete while some will provide you with straight topics on what they want you to argue about. For instance, your professor might ask you to argue for or against an issue that is of public interest such as climate change, the legality of abortion or the inequality based on sexuality.

  • What is the easiest part of an argumentative essay?

    There is no easy part of an essay. You have to put a lot of effort in every section to ensure the paper is coherent from the beginning to the end. Nevertheless, the most challenging part of an essay, from our experience is coming up with a topic. An expert writer, thus, may consider the other parts easy.

  • What is the claim in an argumentative essay?

    The claim is the central argument in the essay. You probably have a topic, but you should not confuse it for a claim, which is the thesis statement. When looking for evidence, you should think more about the claim than your topic. Other scholars who will choose to write counterarguments will use your central claim to present their arguments. Therefore, you have to be sure that you have a strong thesis statement.

  • What are some basic steps for writing an argumentative essay?

    Some people do not think there is a need for conventional steps that one should follow. Nevertheless, the convention that you will need to begin by looking for a topic by reading widely, you will then need to gather evidence by conducting further research. When you start the writing process, have sections for your paper, beginning with an introduction, body, and a conclusion. The body section may be as long as the instructions from your professor.

  • What is an argumentative essay?

    An argumentative essay is a type of writing that requires you to investigate a topic, gather evidence, take a position, and put up a defense of the argument. While there is a confusion between argumentative and expository essays, the former requires you to be concise in your arguments.

  • Can someone give me some points for an argumentative essay?

    We can, get in touch with us through email or live chat and let our writers know about your interests. We will help you get excellent topics and the points that you can exploit.

  • What is the standard format for an essay introduction?

    An essay introduction typically lets the reader into your topic. Therefore, you should give a brief background on the topic, the thesis statement, and why it is essential to discuss the topic. An excellent introduction should be exciting and not analytical, leave that for the body section. Remember that a reader will be hooked to your essay if the introduction makes them feel that the article is worth their time.

  • Should all argumentative essays have a counter argument?

    Not really; as the writer, it is not even your business to look out for counterarguments to your essay once you have put it down. Within your essay, you can only have an objective argument, which captures both sides.

  • What is the best way to structure an essay?

    You can use the conventional structure, which is, to begin with, an introduction, body paragraph, and a conclusion. However, you should not have headings or sub-titles within the paper unless your professor instructs you so.

  • What are some great topics for argumentative essays?

    There are myriads of topics that you can choose from. If you have a problem coming up with a topic to work on, get in touch with us for assistance. Our writers are always ready to work with you as you seek to prepare excellent papers.

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