New York is not just famous for Broadway and Wall Street. It is also a host some of the most prestigious universities in United States and the world. These are:

  1. Cornell University
  2. This is one of the top universities in the world US and is ranked 14th in the world. It is one of the Ivy League universities. Cornell University offers a wide range of vocational and academic courses for different categories of students. It is one of the universities that teach modern Far East languages. It admits students to study:

    • Undergraduate certificates and diplomas
    • Bachelor degrees
    • Master degrees
    • Doctorate degrees

    Cornell University has been in place for over century and is one of the institutions with highly selective admission criteria. It bases admission on entrance exams, past grades and academic record. It admits 10-20% of the applicants meaning that its admission procedure is very strict. Foreign students are also eligible to apply.

  3. Columbia University
  4. This is another Ivy League University and among the top global educational centers at number 22 on QS World University Rankings. Despite a boasting a population of close to 30, 000 students, this coeducational institution founded in 1754 is one of the most selective. It has an admission rate of 0-10%. Columbia University has produced successful alumni including President Barrack Obama.

    It is one of the most significant centers of researchers in the world. It also provides a distinguished learning environment for students in many of the professional and scholarly courses on offer. The support provided on research and teaching of global issues makes Columbia University a favorite for international faculty and students. It has created academic relations with many NYC, many regions and countries.

  5. New York University (NYU)
  6. New York University is 53 rd among the world best universities. Established in 1931, it was the brainchild of Albert Gallatin, a noble statesman who was the secretary of treasury during the reign of President Thomas Jefferson. This is high enrolment institution with an enrolment range of over 45,000 students. The admission procedure is also strict like that of other top universities. It has an admission rate of 30-40%. NYU has US and foreign students studying for their:

    • Undergraduate certificated/diplomas
    • Bachelor’s degrees
    • Associate degrees
    • Master Degrees
    • Doctorate degrees

    For many years, NYU attracts musicians, artists, writers and intellectuals therefore defined as a home for the creative minds.

  7. Yeshiva University
  8. Yeshiva University is number 384 in the world. It was founded 100 years ago with the aim of combining Jewish and Western culture. It showcase Jewish way if life through history, art and architecture at Yeshiva University Museum. It is one of the leading research institutions of higher learning.

    Student population at Yeshiva University is just 7,500 with just over 3,000 undergraduates. There are campuses in 3 other US boroughs and Israel.

  9. City University of New York (CUNY)
  10. This university is ranked number 461 out of 470. Unlike other top universities in New York which are private, it is the biggest university system in United States. It has more than 500,000 students spread across 24 colleges located at different states. It has a large program to match its high enrollment. The university offer many courses for full time and part time students. The courses range from vocational programs to PhD research. CUNY has strong connections with New York neighborhoods because it runs a network of fellowship and internship programs to enrich academic life across 5 boroughs. Despite its position as a public university, it is still an extremely selective institution with admission rate standing at 30-40%.

    Apart from the top 5 universities in New York, there are other prestigious ones which are among the top institutions in the world. These are The New School, Stevens Institute of Technology and Fordham University.

    Apart from the top 5 universities in New York, there are other prestigious ones which are among the top institutions in the world. These are The New School, Stevens Institute of Technology and Fordham University.

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