The Importance of Sleep, Nutrition, and Exercise

Many people wonder what it takes to take good care of their bodies. They do not have sufficient information about what enables their systems to function properly. From the many suggestions that have been made by scientists, sleep, exercise and nutrion are top on the list.

The human body requires different types of nutrients. A good diet provides the body with all the nutrients that it needs to function properly. A good meal entails food items that are rich in carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins and minerals. Additionally, one should ensure that they take sufficient amounts of water at regular intervals throughout the day (Darby 2000, p. 5). One of the ways that can enable one to stick to a healthy diet is by seeking the services of a professional nutritionist. Unfortunately, many people do not invest in one until the doctor directs them to do so.

It is the duty of every individual to ensure that they follow the instructions given by their nutritionist. A visit to a local grocery is the beginning of putting a healthy meal on the table. Additionally, one should not wait until hunger pangs strike. Research has shown that the feeling of hunger is the last indicator that the nutrients required by the body need to be replenished. To avoid this scenario, people are advised to eat smaller portions of food at short intervals throughout the day (Gleeson, Nieman & Pedersen p. 20). Portions of fruits and vegetables interchanged with cooked meals are a perfect fit. When one achieves a routine of healthy eating, he/she should look out for other aspects that promote the functionality of their body and mind.

A fitness routine is essential for every human being. It enables the body muscles to achieve their optimal functionality while keeping away all the illnesses that are associated with a dormant lifestyle. The rise of the prevalence of diabetes, cancer and cardiovascular diseases has caused an awakening about the importance of having a fitness routine. Doing exercise is just as important as having a healthy diet.

There are different types of exercise. Some require rigorous activities like lifting heavy weights or running to cover a given number of miles. A larger percentage of athletes are familiar with such rigorous activities. According to Smith and Stone everyone within the age of 20 to 45 years old can actively participate in rigorous exercises (p. 60). They two researchers also found out that after turning 20 years old, anyone who has a sedentary lifestyle loses approximately 250 grams of muscle mass every year (p. 65). Consequently, one does not attain all the benefits associated with a fully functional metabolism. Additionally, he/she has high chances of getting injured whenever doing activities that require over-exertion and straining. Such a person should engage in exercises that are less strenuous.

A fitness routine keeps the body muscles in good shape. Experts recommend that every person should take not less than 30 minutes in a day to do some exercise. One can begin with a warm-up session. Afterwards, one can engage in aerobic activities or in activities that stretch the different body muscles, tendons and ligaments. Stretching helps one to stay healthy by tightening the body muscles that are involved. According to Gleeson, Nieman and Pedersen it helps the ligaments, tendons as well as muscles to become flexible (p. 17). This enables one to undertake his/her daily activities with ease. The limbs of many people have a very limited range of motion because they do not have flexible muscles. This plays a pivotal role in the development of fatigue, which reduces their productivity.

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The activities not only help in strengthening the body muscles but also enable one to burn all the excess calories from their body. They help the body to gain a nutritional balance. Furthermore, they enhance a high rate of blood circulation within the various organs of the body. This ensures proper circulation of oxygen to the body enhancing proper metabolism. Therefore, one is able to stay away from obesity and cardiovascular diseases.

Sleep is an essential aspect in maintaining a healthy body and mind. With so many things that require one’s constant attention and action, many people easily choose to forgo sleep. Many students fall victim to such habits. They believe that working through the night increases their productivity in terms of the topics they can cover or the assignments they can complete at night. However, the reality is far from their belief. For instance, if one chooses to spend a better part of their night doing some unfinished work from the previous day he/she spends the following day feeling sleepy and fatigued. Consequently, one ends up performing very poorly in his/her day’s activities. No amount of nutritious food or exercise can correct the damage caused by lack of sufficient sleep.

The success of any person depends on how they balance their active hours and the hours they spend to sleep. Research has shown that the human brain requires time to sort out all the information that it receives while one is awake. This only occurs when one is asleep (Masse p.102). Once the information is sorted out, one becomes more alert and has minimal chances of getting confused during his/her productive hours. In addition, it allows the body muscles to rest. It also helps to slow the metabolic activities of the body thus lowering the chances of developing Type II diabetes. The immune system also receives a boost every time one takes time to sleep. An increased immune response to infections and diseases reduces the trips that one has to make to a healthcare facility. It enables one to save both time and money.

A health and fitness routine is an essential aspect. It should include the measures that one takes to stay both mentally and physically fit. Everyone needs to come up with a good nutritional plan to ensure that his/her body never lacks any of the essential nutrients. At the same time, one should ensure that he/she identifies certain types of exercises to do at a regular basis. This ensures that the body muscles, tendons and ligaments remain in good shape. Getting adequate sleep everyday should also be a top priority of everyone who wants to remain healthy. Sleep not only boosts the immune system but also enables the brain to function properly.