Roles of a Teacher

In order to understand the role of a teacher, we first have to answer the most ringing question, who is a teacher? J. Waldron in his article, ‘Who is a teacher’, describe a teacher as someone who is enthusiastic about a topic and is delighted in sharing what he/she has learnt and not necessarily having knowledge of everything.

On the other hand, Natasha Walizer describe a teacher in her article, ‘What Is A teacher?’ as one who listen to the ‘strange’ boy who talk about his fascination with dragon but not judge,sits besides a small boy whose even though clothes smells, assist him adding two digit numbers. Lastly from under article ‘Who is a teacher’, the author summarizes a teacher as someone who leads, encourages, supports, walks, listens, helps loves and always ready to extend hand in assisting her children.

Going through the great minds of the above scholars and how they describes a teacher, we can get the roles of a teacher in a society as someone who identifies and nature talents and abilities at a tender age.This can be seen within the four corners of a classroom through teacher-child relationship, where a teacher identify the ability of a child in a given subject, encourages and equips him or her with the required knowledge as the child grows to be of helpful in a society.

The second role that we can see is guiding. This can be seen especially in lower schools where a teacher sits hand in hand with a pupil assist him right from reading the first letter of alphabets to adding of figures and the pupil advances, this role is also depicted not only in class but also in both co-curricular and extracurricular activities. In the co-curricular activities such as art works, the teachers is responsible for illustrating in details how something an art is started, give details of requirement and how to combine the requirements to come up with the desired item, On the other hand in extracurricular activities such as swimming or any other sports activity, the teacher guides the student the best practices to safeguard him as he excell. Religious teacher also are responsible for guiding the whole society on the best ways of living in harmony with one another in the society and following rules of that given religion.

The third role of a teacher is being a role model to her children or a mentor. Being the first to interact with the pupil from an early age, the teacher and mothers, being the first teacher of a child has the responsibility to be emulatable to the child as he will always look upto her throughout his life early life. The best the mother or the teacher curry herself same will be the child and as it is recommended. Learner-teacher mentorship on the other hand is done through the expertise training and advices given to the student or the child by the teacher to gain experience and knowledge of the program or activity in the contest.

The fourth role of a teacher is disciplining of the child. Whenever a child go wrong in any way, it is the role of the teacher to correct him or her through various applicable disciplinary measures. Failure to do so the child will live not knowing when he deviates from the norms and this will lead to poor upbringing of the child.

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The fifth role of a teacher is to encourage. Throughout the learning process of a child, he or need encouragement in order to perform. This involves congratulating the child whenever he does something which make the child happy and feels like doing it again better, being their for the child when he fails to perform through giving him hope and reminding him that he has the potential to do better which give the child the zeal to work hard next time.

The sixth role of a teacher is offering leadership, this can be depicted in classes through class teachers, principals and various hierarchies in schools. The teacher also leads the students in day to day learning activities both internal and external. Religious teachers are also responsible in leading their congregation in various ceremonies and events marking their calendars.

The seventh role of a teacher is resource provider, this can be inform of articles, journal and other reading materials to the students and fellow teachers, this will bring them upto date with learning as the process of learning keeps changing with inclusion of various article that equips the learners with advance knowledge in various courses they undertake. Resource provision is an important role in that the teachers is more knowledgeable in the area of contest hence the application of his knowledge in doing research hence proving relevant resources in improving the learner's process of acquiring knowledge which is necessary for an whole round student.

The eighth role that we can see is caregiving. Since a teacher spend most of the most times which sometimes up to seven or eight a day with the children, they are expected to be taken care of especially in the lower schools, Take for example Jane who is a teacher and spend most of the day with pre-primary class who extremely needy of attention, for her to succeed in her job she has to be a mother to the class, and bear the daily sturboness of some children, the noise and the day to day special needs of others and to perform this she has to be caring to them.

The last but not list role of a teacher is a learner, this role seems to be contradicting to teaching role of a teacher but a teacher is also a learner. For day to day upkeep with the trend in technology, lifestyles and many more dynamic issues that affect teaching directly or indirectly, a teacher has to learn, dig deep in research for him or her pass the correct and accurate knowledge the the people he teaches, failure to this then the teacher become obsolete in teaching.

All in all teachers has so many roles both to the community and to the classes they teach as we have listed few of them above.