How to Quit Smoking

Cigarette smoking is one of the most sort out legal drug to get high by many people. Why is this so? Studies have shown that tobacco the main ingredient found in a cigarette is the sort out after drug by people who smoke. This drug is either ingested or taken in by smoking i.e., Inhaling. The resulting smoke is absorbed by the lungs through the alveoli and passed into the blood stream where it heads to the heart and lastly the brain.

Most people that use cigarettes explain how it helps them relax, relives stress, offer pleasure and can sometimes become anxious and moody. Scientists in the 19th century were able to link smoking of tobacco with cancer. This lead to high cries by the public to ban the use of cigarette smoking. A lot of programs have been set up to try and help users attached to this drug. In most studies, it has been found that only 6% of the population have been considered successful.

Nicotine a substance linked with cigarette smoking has been found to be the main culprit to this. It is a mild central nervous stimulant but a stronger cardiovascular stimulant. It is known for increasing blood pressure this is so because it constricts blood vessels thus stimulating the heart. The effects of nicotine are found to be less when you smoke a puff. The highness only lasts a few seconds thus requiring you to continue smoking in this case inhaling more deeply to achieve more longer effects.

A lot of research has been done to find out whether one can quit smoking. Yes, special programs have been put in place to ensure this is achievable. Some of the steps are as follows: -

Prepare yourself psychologically

Set up a date on when you are going to commence. Make it a goal that you are willing to quit.

Avoid friends or colleagues who can trigger you back to smoking

This done not necessarily mean that you stop interacting with them but only to give yourself a short break.

Staying Busy

One can only reduce the urge to smoking by making themselves work occupied. This will help keep your mind off from smoking. Some of these examples are: -

  • Participating in exercises e.g., running, playing football
  • Drinking lots of water
  • Use of chewing gums

Being Positive

Quitting is not easy. There are many fall backs that usually affect those that are addicted. For a person to achieve this, he/she should stay positive and understand that it is achievable.

Reach out to counselling Groups

These groups help individuals by constantly reminding them of their past and where they are headed to in the future. It allows addicted persons to share their stories to other members without the need to feel ashamed. These groups help and encourage addicts through their rough spots and offer a program to restructure their lives.

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Use of NRT drugs

Research has shown that the use of nicotine replacement therapy drugs helps by offering you nicotine in form of gums, sprays, inhalers or even lozenges.

A wise man once said that actions speak louder than words. It is easier to say that you are quitting smoking but harder practicing it.