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The high rate of unemployment in Kenya has led to most youths and graduates to turn to freelancing writing as a source of income. Most writers have taken up academic writing as a full time job as it has proved to be well paying. Writing being a very important part of communication between dons and their students’ academic writing services are often sorted after, though most dons consider the academic services unethical and discourage students from purchasing them.

An academic writing service is relatively affordable and just by the click of a button one is able to access these services online. Sites such as writemypaper.today, myessaygeek.com, academiawriting.com and unemployedprofessors.com just to mention a few.

Two extra set of eyes isn’t bad while doing ones project or writing a thesis, academic writing services offer this extra pair of eyes as one gives the writer guidelines on the areas he/she wants tackled. The academic writing services also give one vocabulary in reference to the field he/she is in.

Most people who use these services tend to do so because of lack of time. In this day and age most people work and study hence they have no time to do research and conduct surveys hence find it easy to pay academic writers. A person may want a global view on an issue or even global data collection hence seeking the services of an academic writer. Some students cannot balance their academic and social life and thus end up hiring the freelance writers. People also have other tasks they have to accomplish therefore they don’t have to spend their time writing when they could pay for the service.

Foreign students whose native language is not English seek the help of academic writing services so as to boost their grades when it comes to academic paper writing. Students with poor writing skills also seek academic writers so as to boost their grades. Some people seek online writing services because they are not familiar with a certain culture that they are doing research on. These services help the person conduct research on the culture thoroughly without leaving any detail out.

People prefer the easy way out; this is often caused by laziness which plays a major role in the hiring of academic writers. People want to get a degree without having to sweat for it and since they can’t buy one they pay someone to sweat for it on their behalf. In addition the academic writing services do not ask what you need the information for and this makes it easier for it to pass as ones original work.

Short time frames by professors, encourage people to hire academic writers so as to beat the deadlines set. The amount of work load given by lecturers and the standards set is often too high and thus students’ higher well known writing services. They also do the same so as to avoid plagiarism which is highly unethical while submitting academic papers. Lecturers should check on this and have a flexible deadline so as to motivate the students to write their own academic papers.

To avoid embarrassments in their grades students tend to seek the services of academic writers, making the student look smarter. These services are mostly paid for using PayPal hence no one ought to know.

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People may be knowledgeable in different fields but expressing themselves through writing may prove to be taxing forcing them to hire academic writers.

Regardless of what your reason is for seeking the services of an academic writer you should make sure:

  • The academic service provider has great reviews in providing quality work.
  • The prices are pocket friendly.
  • The academic service provider can deliver the work on time.
  • The service provider offers unique content thus the work they provide would not be plagiarized.
  • The writers are learned and knowledgeable about the field you want them to write hence they will not under deliver.

When one is issued with the first draft they should proof-read it to make sure that there are no errors and for further modifications. They should ask for a free anti-plagiarism report so as to know how authentic the work is.

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