Tell me about yourself is an open-ended essay question that can be so difficult to answer. Most of the times we don’t know what to write and in what chronological order should we write them in. It is a question that people ask in most formal and informal interviews. These essays are written to introduce you to the institution, to let the reader get to know your personality and character. The paper should be a way to market oneself; it should speak to the reader on your behalf.

When applying to universities you are often required to write an essay telling the administrations committee about yourself; applicants often find it challenging and they end up thinking about what they should put down, thus taking up their time.

These essays are usually designed to tell the institution more about you as a person, so you are required to talk about who you are, what kind of environment you brought up, the area of interests, what you are passionate about, activities that you like, your talents and the challenges you have faced. When writing ‘tell me about yourself essay’ it is important to note the memorable moments and experiences that have significantly influenced the person that you have become.

The introduction of your essay should grab the reader’s attention. On your essay opener try starting with memorable life experience, it can be a positive or negative life experience, or a valuable lesson you learned. It is best for one to brainstorm on the experiences and life lessons to identify which one suite to motivate the reader to continue reading.

When writing the ‘tell me about yourself essay be yourself’; stay factual and don’t create a new you. You should not try so hard to be impressing; it may end up portraying you as a fake individual. However, don’t confuse this essay with your diary. Talk about your academic scores.

Know the right anecdote that will help you explain your character very well. Anecdotes can build or break your essay. In the article don’t praise yourself let the reader do the praising, instead explain instances that bring out what you are trying to tell the reader. Talk about your positive traits avoid dwelling on negative character.

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In conclusion don’t forget to write what you hope to achieve in life and what you have learned so far in life. The essay should make your professor want to meet you in person and get to know more about you.

It is imperative for one to avoid controversial subjects such as gender, race, religion, politics, income level, race, and nationality as they may rub the reader the wrong way. You want to write an essay that the lecturer will be comfortable reading despite his opinions on certain topics. You should never run out of words to describe yourself.

It is important to mention the highlights of your life; you don’t want to have a wordy essay.