When writing a research paper on the love you should know what love is and research more about it. Love is a word that sparks different emotions to different people; love can be defined in different ways by different people around the universe.

A research paper on the love should talk about the different definitions of love and to give your research paper some humph; you should talk about the different terms in different cultures that describe love. Talk about the benefits associated with love not forgetting to highlight the challenges that come with it. Identify your study population, your area of interest as love is a very large topic. When writing about love read widely on the subject to be familiar with it and also to get to understand it very well.

When writing a research paper on the love you need to talk about the different types of love that exist in the society such as family love, love with friends, self-love, and love with someone who you admire. You should also help your reader understand the difference between love and lust, and how not to confuse the two.

The research paper should discuss how you can show someone that you love them. Explain to the readers how love can be destroyed and the key things that keep the fire of love burning. Touch on the way culture, physical appearance, religion, race, and financial status have influenced the view of love.

Research on how wide an age difference does not affect the way one loves a person, and how gender is not a big deal as one can opt to adore a person with the same gender as them. Talk about how love is between people of the same gender is viewed.

Focus on ways in which the society can restore the definition of love, improve the quality of love. Tell us how we view love, talk on the values that go hand in hand with love.

Explain the growth of love and the different levels that love matures. Let the reader understand how love can influence one’s mental state on an issue. Show how love has been used to bring out different themes on literary works and also in the film industry.

Talk about how unreciprocated love can change you into a different person, and how jilted lovers can make drastic decisions and may end up hurting themselves. Write how misunderstood love can kill your career, drain your finances and also bury the possibility of you ever loving again. Highlight how love can affect a child’s academic performance.

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Research on how people use love to manipulate their way around things to their advantage without thinking for a second how it could affect the other party. Discuss when it is right for one to draw boundaries when it involves love.

In your research paper, make sure you note your findings very well and make recommendations that are not biased concerning love.