A thesis statement states the major objective as to why you are writing a project and helps you focus on the key points; enabling your work to stay relevant to the reader. The thesis statement helps the reader to know the writer’s opinion on the chosen topic. A thesis statement should be short as it should be around one or two sentences. A good thesis statement should capture the reader’s attention and interest on the paper for him/her to have interested in reading more on the paper.

The thesis declaration should always be at the beginning of a paragraph. One should avoid vague words; this helps the statement to be clear and easily understandable to the reader. One should be specific and straight to the point when drafting a thesis statement; to avoid misunderstandings by the reader. In the thesis statement, one is advised to use examples, facts, and quotes.

To write a thesis statement, you have first to pick a topic that you are going to write about in your paper; then put a few words talking more about your topic. This helps you in developing a thesis statement. The writer should clearly understand the topic and should research the topic well as it is very difficult to write a thesis statement on a topic that you don’t know. The writer should understand that the thesis statement acts as a roadmap for the thesis and he/she should include supporting works that are relevant to the topic of study. The topic should be interesting to both the reader and writer.

The second step of drafting a thesis statement, you should make sure it is specific. Clearly explain your topic leaving no room for error and make sure that you avoid using words that have more than one meaning as they could further confuse the reader.

Thirdly, ensure that your thesis statement is arguable and create a mini-statement to outline your academic writing. This enables the reader to view the writer as a well knowledgeable individual on the topic. The writer can argue about why he/she prefers a certain option and not another option. A clear outline of your academic paper helps the reader understand what he/she should look forward to in the upcoming paragraphs.

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Lastly, choose your wording carefully. When words are wrongly selected, they can make the entire thesis statement flop in the eyes of a reader. The words should be clear and specific. Brainstorming with your colleagues about a topic helps you come up with a great thesis statement.

You can share your thesis statement with your peers to evaluate if your statement is easily understandable; this will help you revise and rectify your thesis on areas that are hard to understand. A thesis statement should be proven; this requires the writer to do a lot of research on the topic and read widely. However, if the thesis statement cannot be demonstrated, one needs to look for a new subject of study.