Khalil Gibran says, “Beauty is not in the face; beauty is the light of the heart.” There are so many different definitions of beauty depending on different cultures and intellectual groups. There is no measure of beauty. According to the Oxford Dictionary, “beauty is a combination of qualities, such as shape, color or form that pleases the aesthetic senses, especially the sight.” There is a popular saying that love lies in the eyes of the beholder, so you don’t need to stress yourself with meeting peoples definitions of beauty. David Hume explored beauty as an individual, as one has his/her perspective on beauty; Aristotle, a famous philosopher, agreed with Burke’s theory on the explanation on beauty. However, Edmund Burke argued that the meaning of beauty fully lies in the society.

Celebrities have played a great role in the definition of beauty; this has caused people to seek the help of plastic surgeons in acquiring features that are exactly to those of the named celebrities. This is a great risk to the patient as they can end up having botched features, and end up isolating themselves from the society and eventually having depression if the botched feature isn’t fixed.

The society today defines beauty as looking pretty with flawless skin and enhanced breasts and rare view. Some women use makeup as a mandatory requirement, to improve their looks and turn to plastic surgeries to try and meet the definition of beauty as the society defines it. Men are also under pressure to meet the societal definition of beauty with most of them religiously hitting the gym.

The societal definition of beauty has caused the emergence of health problems such as malnourishment; so many individuals are starving themselves to get that perfect figure. People can end up having health problems such as ulcers.

People have turned to watching their diets and end up eliminating foods that our forefathers ate, in the name of watching their body. What is the scale that we use to measure beauty? Who is a beautiful person? These are questions that we should as our selves before we subject our bodies and muscles to harsh routines.

We all have unique shapes, skin complexions, and heights so we should not be defined under the same category while defining beauty. Beauty should see be defined as inner beauty; one’s behaviors, the attitude around people and the way one relates to others.

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Over the years the definition of beauty has changed, and no one can characterize beauty; neither can the different cultures, concepts nor companies define beauty. There is no weighing scale or tape measure that gives us the quantity in which someone is beautiful.

Beauty is all about feeling confident in your body no matter the shape, height, and complexion of your body. As long as your clothes fit right and you look good, no one has the authority to voice their opinion about your beauty in a negative way. Beauty can be aesthetic or cultural.