Integrity is about being true, honest, having strong moral principles and able to make decisions without being moved or swayed no matter the situation. A person who has integrity cannot be bribed in any way. The word integrity is derived from a Latin word ‘integer’ which means whole and complete.

Integrity is all about being consistent with your actions, methods, measures, values, outcomes, principles, and expectations. Integrity is about being ethical in activities that you do and always doing right no matter who is watching.

Integrity is a key point when employers are looking to hire employees as it is the foundation on which work colleagues build relationships and great interpersonal relationships.

Volunteers are a good example of people with integrity as they honestly help out individuals without expecting anything in return. The little things that we do like: feeding the hungry, clothing the needy, sheltering the homeless, or even helping someone acquire an education are all part of integrity.

One is not born with integrity; rather one acquires it over time. Parents and guardians play a big role in instilling the value of integrity in children. A high percentage of children brought up in religious and humble environments are considered to have integrity as compared to children who grow up in other environments.

Drivers who don’t use the horn to hoot at other drivers and pedestrians and drive less aggressively are perceived to have high integrity. The act of minding passengers and pedestrians that you don’t know talks a lot about you.

Parents, who apologize to small children for hurting their feelings, are said to be people of high integrity as they set aside their prideful nature. Children are small and highly vulnerable hence apologizing to them shows how righteous one is.

Bosses who praise their staff and downplay their success show a lot of integrity, and this improves the working relations in the office. Such bosses are always ready to congratulate others for their achievement as they do not joy ride on other people’s success.

People who hold high positions in the society and serve their juniors on time without having them wait for hours are righteous people. They don’t need to prove their superiority to others; they are people who are humble and grateful for what they have. If these people in power keep you waiting, they go to the extent of apologizing to you; which is not necessary for them to do.

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In the society we live in people are very judgmental, if you find someone who gives you the benefit of doubt one is often lucky. People who give us the benefit of doubt are righteous and very true to themselves and others.

Having integrity is doing the little things such as keeping promises that you have made, returning extra change that the cashier has given you, reporting the money to the police that you have collected to find the owner of the money, and no matter the situation never betray anyone