What is homelessness?

Homelessness is the state of one not having a roof over his head. A homeless person sleeps on the couches of family and friends, living in shelters, living in motels, supervised homes, sleeping in a car, finding comfort in an abandoned house or even seeking refuge in the streets. You can face homelessness after auctioneers auction your house, job loss, underemployment, political, social and cultural issues, mental illnesses, addiction on either substance, lack of affordable houses, young individuals leaving the comfort of their homes for the first time, mismanaged finances, or domestic violence.

Homelessness does not discriminate against race, gender, sexual orientation, level of education, or religion. Sometimes one finds it peaceful being homeless rather than living in a house with no peace. Being homeless hits you hard when family or friends ask you to pack out, especially if you depend on them entirely. Heavy rains which result in flooding tend to wash away other people’s houses rendering them homeless. Violence and also fire can result in one being homeless forcing one to live in camps. Camps usually take favor of the elderly and children, unless one is heavily pregnant or is sick.

You can ask help from the relevant authorities if you are homeless, or if you have been issued with an eviction notice and you have nowhere to go. Schools and churches also help those seeking refuge a place to shelter their heads.

When one becomes homeless they should find a faster solution to eliminate the problem. No one chooses to be homeless; you should find a way of staying in your home, pay your dues on time and save yourself the embarrassment of you being locked out of your house.

Homeless individuals are at high risk of getting infections and diseases that are related to the cold weather and hygiene. In some countries, the homeless people have become so comfortable in the streets that we now have street families with young children been born homeless. Ex-convicts are the most common homeless people as they have served their time and they have no form of income and the community often isolates them. The ex-convicts eventually turn to engaging in illegal things then they end up in the home they know best, prison.

The homeless often face the danger of being lured into drugs as they are an easy target; some are sexually molested, lowering their self-esteem, and may end up getting infected with HIV and sexually transmitted infections. Medical attention is hard for a homeless individual to access. Therefore medical practitioners should make it their priority to deliver these services ones in a while.

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One can be of help to the homeless by donating warm clothes to them, socks, drinking water, bread, blankets, hand sanitizers, fast food and sometimes surprise them by organizing to feed them with homemade delicacies.

It is hard for one to imagine being homeless, making it difficult to picture the hard times they are going through and the challenges they face. As the adage says, east or west home is best; one does not understand this till they have faced homelessness.