How to find a summer job

A summer job is an occupation that you take up during your holiday; during the summertime, most schools are on a break. Students use this moment to earn some extra pocket money and also to gain some experience. Summer jobs are not only meant for the students but also for the retired citizens.

When finding a summer job narrow down your search to few companies; preferably around you to cut on the transport cost and accommodation cost. Narrowing down the jobs, also allows you time to do intense researches on the companies, looking at each detail closely. Networking is the easiest way for you to get summer employment; you can network with your friends and family. There are professional applications such as LinkedIn that have made it easier for one to find work, to network, and also to hunt down employers. When sending your cover letter, ensure you have gone through the companies profile and that you understand what they are looking for. Customize your cover letter in accordance with the findings of your research. Generic resumes make very bad first impressions to the employer. Learn how to deal with rejection; when rejected do not storm out of the office, thank the interviewers and leave with a smile plastered on your face. You should remain calm and professional so as not to burn your bridges. When sending out your applications, it helps if you are persistent, you don’t have to send out an application once but send it twice or thrice. The persistency in sending requests shows that you are interested in the job and the company. Identify your strongest skill and elaborate fully on how it can contribute positively to the company’s gains. Sell your proficiency in a very ambitious way and tell them why the skill stands is vital as compared to the other skills presented by the other interviewees, convince the human resource team to higher you. One should always choose a summer job that allows him to earn more; this is because his main reason for getting the job is to make some extra coins. Consider a field that is interesting and enjoyable. For retired people, finding an enjoyable job is very important as it keeps them motivated to go to work, as they need the cash. Make sure the summer job you choose allows you for networking and build your brand. The summer work experience should be fulfilling an about your career path; this is for you to learn new skills and experience the job experience of your field of interest.

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Summer jobs help you not to face stiff competition when applying for jobs in future. One gets a chance to learn something about themselves that they didn’t know, they also get to push their limits and get out of the comfort zone.

Summer jobs help one to develop better-interviewing skills; one can perfect his/her interviews. The summer occupations help you to deal with rejections very well. One also gets to learn a lot of skills and new things that no one can teach in the classroom.