How to choose a college major

A college major is a field of study that one takes up in during the last two years of their learning; if your degree runs for two years the major is usually selected at the beginning of your course. One can major in one or two courses depending on the weight of their coursework. A person can also create their own major.

Choosing a major is like making a lifetime decision about what your life is going to result in; you should know and separate your goals from those of other individuals. Do not choose a major because your friend has chosen it.

Learn how to differentiate between your obsession and interest. Passion is all about nurturing an interest, however, small. Majors are all about following one's passion; interests do die over time.

You should also check for future employment options, and decide if they suit you well; considering the income, the job benefits, and the probability of you getting employed. With today’s world, most people are opting to start their businesses to create employment for the youths rather than when choosing a major, make sure that it motivates you in learning more about the subject. Students can change their mind if the topic of study does not meet up with what they signed up for, or if it no longer interests them.

You should explore the majors that you are thinking of taking. Ask adults or your professors on the courses that you want to major in and weigh your options. Interview them on the advantages and disadvantages of taking up the courses. This move helps you decide if you are on the right career path.

Read books and articles that are about you the course you want to take up and take notes on what they are saying about your major choices. One can also watch career videos and listen to podcasts; they are great as they help you view your major from a different angle. Podcasts are advantageous as you can listen to them as you go on with your day to day activities


If you are confused on which major to take, you can seek advice from the advising programs in your institution. These programs give one a full view of the major and possible careers that one can take up after their study.

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When you are thinking of changing from one major to another one should consider how far along he/she has been engaged in the major. If one is close to finishing his/her major they should consider maintaining it and doing a masters degree right after that. A master’s degree enables them to attract a higher salary.

One should also consider how expensive it will be when changing from one major to another. If the cost is too high, the scholars could consider taking up another degree program other than changing the major. You should also be sure when altering the majors; you don’t want to look uncertain about decisions that could affect your future life.