How to survive a night of babysitting

This is defined as looking after a child when their parents are out. A sitter is a person who temporarily looks after the children for a certain duration of time. These can be a week, month or even one year depending on the arrangement. A lot of parents hire caregivers because most of them cannot juggle between working and raising their kids. Raising children can be a daunting task if you have more than one. It is because a lot of care needs to be given to them plus one must be there to make sure that they are safe whether playing or eating.

A lot of keenness is also needed if they happen to be between the ages of one to six years. Most caregivers are professionally trained to handle this kind of situations whenever their parents are not around. Have you ever wondered how they seem to do this? Is this your first-time babysitting? Are you nervous?

Below are some of the steps that are required to make it through the night.

One must first prepare for the shift or day before you even start tending to the children. You should have a bag of equipment’s required for the day which may possibly be stocked with either video games, coloring books, board games, and movies. You may also carry a few items that may help you carry on through the day to eliminate boredom such as either a novel. Once finished parking all of them, then you are ready to start.

As you get introduced for the first time to the children, the first step would be to get to know them. What their likes and dislikes are, what they enjoy doing, simply put their hobbies. The second step would be to come up with activities that they all enjoy doing. Make sure that it is not boring as children get fed up very easily and fast. The purpose of this step is to keep them smiling but also distracting them from doing something serious like damaging the furniture or breaking utensils. As you are engaging them, do so in activities that are appropriate to them. Always strive to arrive early and act mature and professional to instill confidence in you and the parents. It will help build trust and create a relationship between the both of you.

Cook healthy yummy food to them. Good food is essential to them to fight off sickness and grow strong. Healthy snacks such as carrots, bananas help them stay active while playing exciting sports like soccer. Before you even know it, time will be up and the day over. As they head over to sleep early, a good set of stories read to them will be ideal for their night. Finish the day by cleaning through the mess that had accumulated throughout the day as they were playing.

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Some of the things one should not do is inviting friends, strangers, relatives to their employer’s houses. It is a sign of irresponsibility if it is done.

Finally, prepare for a list of the activities you will undertake tomorrow while waiting for their parents to arrive plus showing them a daily summary of the activities that their children did on that day.