​How to Overcome Insomnia

It is a disorder that is characterized by the inability of falling or staying asleep. People often ask how long it takes for one to actually realize that they have it. The following characteristics are linked with people who experience this: -

  • Tiredness when waking up
  • Waking up during the night or too early in the morni
  • Difficulty falling asleep
  • Mood disturbances
  • Difficult concentrating during the day

There are different types of Insomnia: -


It is having sleep problems not directly related to any other health problem


It is having sleep conditions directly related to a health complication such as either asthma or a medication they are taking A lot of questions linger in the minds of people as to how long insomnia lasts. This is a common question among members and it is categorized into two: -

Acute Insomnia

It is a brief condition that often happens due to circumstances an individual is facing e.g. when studying for an exam tomorrow, or after receiving bad news. It frequently resolves itself without the use of any medication

Chronic Insomnia

It is a condition that can last for more than three months continuously disrupting individuals sleep. There are many factors that are related to this type of sickness such as: -

  • Change of Work Shift
  • Medication that may lead to this disorder
  • Clinical ailments

There is no clear way of diagnosing insomnia. Some common conditions may probably be that you are suffering from a lot of stress, have recently undergone a traumatic experience, etc. Here are some tips that one may follow to help overcome this disorder.

  • Establish a regular sleep and waking pattern
  • Your body will be able to adjust accordingly and will eventually set a pattern of when you are to sleep.
  • It is advisable to limit the drinking of coffee at night or in the evening

Your bedroom should only be used for sleeping more so your bed. Any other activity other than this i.e., watching television, eating, may affect how you view your room. This will eventually affect how your brain reacts when laying down.

  • Train yourself in having a warm shower before going to sleep
  • A light meal is also vital to be able to have a good night
  • Limit prolong usage of tablets or mobile phones at night whenever you are in bed

Studies have shown that this exercise lowers your body temperature after entering your room thus slows down your metabolism. Making a routine will be helpful in combating this disorder.


istening to soft music is another tip that soothes the mind in preparation for a good night. This also helps reduce significant levels of depression

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For chronic insomnia, one should first check and treat the health conditions that are causing the sleeplessness. If the disorder remains, your doctor can suggest behavioral therapy. These approaches help you to change behaviors that may worsen insomnia and to learn new behaviors that will help promote sleep. Offered solutions include: -

  • Sleep restriction therapies
  • Reconditioning

It would be best to seek a professional opinion if all the above do not offer any help.