​How to stay Sober on Saturday night

It’s Friday, yay! The weekend has arrived. A stressful week it was. Any plans? Binge drinking it is! Why spend the night drinking?

These are some of the questions many have tried to find answers towards. Motivation is a factor that triggers the behaviors of humans. Not all people have good experience with alcohol, but many accept it. People indulge in this drink for many reasons; One, because it is a stimulant which results in feelings such as euphoria as it numbs your body from tension. Others, probably out of curiosity. What are its effects? How does one feel? Etc. It may also be out of peer pressure. A large percentage of people get introduced to the drink by their friends. Some feel out of place hence try a bottle or two while the rest want to be cool or look trendy. Alcohol has a tremendous effect on our day to day lives affecting our inhibitions giving people a sense of bravery that allows them to do things which they would not when sober.

While some can quit drinking, for most it’s a concern and a growing problem affecting the society. Here are some of the steps that you may follow: -

Stay at home

On a Saturday night? Yeah right! But this can be one of the best solutions to start on. Relaxing, cooking, watching a movie, reading a book, all these examples can have a positive effect on you to stop drinking.

Avoid friends or colleagues who can trigger you back to drinking

It does not necessarily mean that you stop interacting with them but only to give yourself a short break to find positive friends who can encourage you not to drink.

Try to disassociate yourself from all temptations in your life.

If you have bottles in your house or office, it is wise to either throw them or give it to friends who consume the liquor.

Stay Busy

One can only reduce the urge to drinking by making themselves work occupied. It will help keep your mind off from consuming. Some of the activities you can do on are: -

  • Participating in exercises, e.g., running, playing football, golf, etc.
  • Drinking lots of water
  • Go to the gym

Try and commit yourself to eating a three-course meal a day, and exercise for at least 30 minutes or finding a new hobby. It may be learning a foreign language, or even hiking. Staying alone and not doing anything will make you feel lonely and might result in you falling back to your old routine again.

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Being Positive

Quitting is not easy since there are many fallbacks reported. For a person to achieve this, he/she should stay positive and understand that it is achievable. In the case of a relapse, do not be discouraged and let it not be a reason to stop

Do not touch the fermented plant “juice” to have fun. You do not need it, therefore, try to be the odd one out. If you think that you have a problem, then you probably do.