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This is the process of training a young child on how to use the toilet. Studies have shown that boys are often ready than girls though there is no predetermined timeline on when they should begin. When it comes to growth, some children develop both physical and cognitive skills from as early as one and a half to two years. There is no definite timeline on how much time it would take for a child to learn. Most doctors believe that different age groups have different timelines. So, what are the signs that one should look out for to know if your child is ready?

  • He/she can pull his clothes up and down all by themselves
  • If they show signs of imitation by following others to the bathroom
  • They can be able to hold up urine for at least two hours
  • He/she can understand what goes on in the toilet and have to recognize the physical signs before using one

Your child will, however, not show readiness all by themselves. A key factor that makes them ready is motivation. For starters, buy a potty. This way, he/she will feel more comfortable thus eliminate the fear of going to use the regular toilet. Many children fear to go to the toilet for the fact that they fear falling or are not stable enough to support themselves thus becoming scared. Pick a more inviting color, bright, so the potty can be appealing to them. Ensure that your child is comfortable with it before even using it. This will make the learning process simpler and quicker hence lasting a short duration of time.

Offer your child rewards after using the potty. This will encourage them, even more, to continue using it for going to the toilet. With time, your child will grow more confident to go on their own.

  • What are the advantages of toilet training your child?
  • It is a more comfortable way for your baby to relieve themselves compared to diapers that leave them with discomforts such as rashes.
  • It helps your child’s growing independence as they become more mobile and want to do things their own way.
  • It is economical. This reduces the need for continuous buying of diapers daily hence using the money for other purposes.
  • It is also safe for the environment as this reduces the number of diapers been thrown away after use.

This also promotes parent-child bonding because you are constantly on the lookout for signs when your child needs to relieve. It helps the parents to become more in tune with the needs of the child.

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Some of the disadvantages a parent might experience the training process is that their child may not be ready physically to undergo the process. Most pediatricians’ advice that one is more likely to get a positive experience from their children if they introduce the process when they are developmentally ready.

Parents must be ready for messes from their children. Many children forget that they are to use the potty, or you cannot get them to use it in time.