What is friendship? What are the different type’s friendships?

MA friendship is a relationship between people with mutual affection towards each other. The interpersonal bond between friends is strong. Friendship is all about is all about giving without expecting anything in return and understanding each other. The friendship bond gives one a strong support system; there is always a reliable shoulder in which you can cry on at all times. The internal friendship day is always honored on July 30.

There are different types of friendship depending on where you first got to know each other, and the level at which you interact. Professional friendships are formed on a specialized network; individuals get to converse about topics that they have mutual interest. Most people who are involved in professional friendships meet in work-related events and environment. These friends help in boosting one's career and growing their professional circle; they can be mentors or people who can professionally help you in future.

Social friendships, these are friends meet on social service clubs and social events. The friends interrelate in a less formal setting and bond over social activities. The people are willing to do anything for a successful social gathering; they sacrifice their time, money, and their efforts. These friends seek to better their society.

Emotional friendships are based on people who have gone through different experiences in life that make them to bond. The friends offer a support system for each other. These are friendships between divorced women or men, married women or men, drug addicts, daughters, or sisters. The connection lasts for a long time and sometimes only death can break it.

Intellectual friendship is a relationship between people where they can tell each other about anything without any judgment. These are individuals who have their own lives and don’t have to meet every day. However, when they meet their presence is mutual and fulfilling. The friends are considerate, mature and well developed.

School friendships are based on friendships that are formed between schoolmates. After you are done with your studies, you don’t have to keep in touch with them. When you meet with the schoolmates, you get to bond over school memories whether good or bad. Buddy friendships, is a type of relationship that is formed between friends who have the same definition of fun; they can be college students, neighborhood friends, or singles. These individuals attend discos, discos, and concerts together. The friends do not offer advice to each other as they are a fun oriented union.

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Self-actualized friendship is formed by a group of people who care about each other and they will invest time to grow emotionally, professionally, intellectually, socially, and spiritually together. Their greatest joy is holding each other’s hand, and seeing their friends dreams become a reality. The conversations amid these acquaintances have less complains, as they talk more about life experiences and how to better their lives.

All kinds of friendships have a common interest which units them. These friendships don’t have to be emotionally connected.