How to use Google maps

A Google map is an application that one uses to find directions to move from one point to another. It is available on Android devices, windows and apple stores. One can use it anywhere because it is global; you do not have to ask for directions or get lost anymore. Also, it is a free application.

The first step is that you have to download the application on your preferred device from your choice of the app store; whether it is a phone, a tablet or even a computer. Most android phones are usually pre-installed with Google maps.

Ensure that your Global Positioning System (GPS) navigator is on, and then key in the address of the place you want to go. Alternatively, you can enter the name of the building that the place is located, or a nearby building that is well known. You can zoom in to have a clear vision. One can also look for different places such as schools, churches, clubs, and diners at the same time by using the general search terms. The Google maps can provide you with the photos of the area, reviews of the location, the opening and closing time of the place, and links to the official website of the location you searched.

Get directions to your destination by clicking on the directions icon; one is advised to type in the starting point if his/her device is not able to read the spot. There are multiple routes shown; you have to choose the one that is suitable for you. In case you are using a computer print out the directions to avoid any inconveniences, or use a mobile phone as it is easier to carry around. One can choose the mode of transport such as using transit vehicles or train, using a personal vehicle, using a plane, walking, or using a bicycle, depending on the distance.

When touring a place with your colleagues, you can find a nearby place that you can visit. One can also monitor the traffic of the place to be able to calculate the time they will spend on the road. One can find nearby hotels, accommodation, and parking; so they don’t have to stress about asking random people for information.

You can use the street information to get to the place you want; Google maps allow us to identify transit bus and train stations without any difficulty. Other organizations such as uber and rider have incorporated the Google maps software to enable clients to monitor their current locations.

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When one is unable to read the locations, he/she can turn on the audio button. One can pinpoint directions for someone who is not conversant with an area. If one does not know the place where he/she is they can open the Google maps app, and in an instant, they can find the place.

However, one cannot use the application in areas where there is low network coverage and when he/she does not have access to the internet.