How to use Google maps How to avoid gaining weight in your first year in college

First-year students dread gaining fifteen pounds; which is the standard weight gain for most students.However, some first-year students gain more or less than fifteen pounds, as they are idle and engage in unhealthy eating.

Freshmen should be active and sign up for Turbo Kickboxing or Zumba classes, to burn the extra fat in their body and also to keep fit.

Join the school's clubs and recreational sports, and train with them; you do not have to play for the team in order train with them. Some of the institution clubs ask you to pay a small fee; the amount is to chase away jokers and to motivate you to attend the training. Other institutions only as one to abide by the simple rules such as: carrying clean white towels, bringing mints with you, and wearing appropriate training cloth


One can also increase his/her metabolism by taking either green tea or oolong tea. While taking the tea ensure that you avoid sugar and that the green tea brand is natural and does not have chemical additives. Replace your carbohydrates with proteins and avoid excessive intake of fats; this is because the body uses too much energy when breaking down proteins as compared to fats and carbohydrates. Engage in aerobics as this helps in extending the length of metabolism for long period; one should consider walking other than using private means of transport. Avoid drinking sodas and alcohol.

Keep your body hydrated by drinking a lot of water; this aid in getting rid of the water weight that accumulates in the body. One can also eat healthy by replacing fries and pizza with salads. The salads contain water which keeps your body hydrated.

Learn to manage the stress by talking to people, asking for help, and reading motivational books. Stress can affect your mental and physical health negatively, causing your body to produce a hormone called cortisol that makes you feel hungry and allows your body to store fats.

Stock healthy snacks instead of unhealthy ones, this way you are more likely to eat healthily. Eat meals every three to four hours; this helps you to avoid binge eating and also increases the basal metabolism rate. No matter how busy you are, do not forget to eat breakfast. According to Ace Fitness, Studies show that weight gain is more common among those who miss breakfast. When you skip breakfast one becomes famished and tends to overeat gaining extra pounds.

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Identify friends that motivate you to eat and stay healthy. Attending the gym while alone can make you feel lazy but a friend can always psyche you up. One is recommended to visit the local health care facility frequently to keep tabs on his/her health; this way you can avoid things slowing you down and know which diet best suits your body.

Avoid eating out in restaurants as the foods are very oily and unhealthy. Be active and avoid lazing around.