What is a well-rounded education?

The public has tasked schools with the responsibility o training students to be able to perform different tasks. Schools have come up with a curriculum that has incorporated the study with arts, framework, curving sculptures, physical education, and music. China is one of the countries that have a well-rounded education system; other countries such as Britain have adopted the Chinese educational curriculum. A well-rounded student has high academic grades and is active with the day to day activities outside the classroom.

A well-rounded education equips a learner with skills that enable him/her to carefully choose a career that best suit his/her interests; the student does not get confused on which field he/she would like to specialize. The scholars of a well-rounded education system can make creative solutions to problems; one can create employment to curb the rate of unemployment in the world. In the today’s world, employers are looking for all rounded candidates who can help in bettering the state of their company.

Students who have attended schools that offer a well-rounded learning program have acquired attributes such as; excellent communication, teamwork, problem-solving skills, critical thinking, great creativity, persistence, and the ability to collaborate. The learners have also had a positive outlook on learning as it is not only about books, but one can learn other new skills; the all rounded education kills the everyday classroom boredom. Learners can multi-task and get assignments done on time.

Learners are also able to relate to their age-mates’ well, they learn to deal with issues more calmly, and are able to adapt well to life changes. The students are also perceived to perform better in college and are more focused on their books. One can cope with stress by turning to arts rather than causing violence.

Most children suffer in the global market as they are forced into the straightjacket; children from China are well equipped to survive in the employment world. The grade point average (GPA) of scholars who took up arts was higher as compared to those who do not take arts. An all rounded student should build a resume based on the things he/she has done throughout his/her educational period. This helps the learner, not down things that he/she needs to accomplish; you should know what you are aiming at and avoid distractions.

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Tony Little says that there is merit in the liberal values of an all-rounded education, something that we have traditionally been good at. He further says that a sharp focus on performance is a good thing, but there is a great deal more to an effective and good education than jostling in a league table.

All rounded education is similar to the liberal arts education as it prepares students to be able to tackle the outside world challenges. One can also earn money from the painting and sculptures they make. The all-rounded set of courses enables one not only to be book smart but also street smart.