How to keep in shape during college

The first step of keeping fit is watching your diet. Dieting does not mean that you should starve yourself; rather one should identify the correct portions that they should consume. You should avoid consuming too much food even if it is healthy food as the calories obtained in the food may make one to accumulate unwanted weight. One should avoid eating at the cafeteria and adapt to healthy cooking so as to maintain a healthy lifestyle and avoid gaining weight.

One should note that they should wash their hands before handling any wound, whether it is minor or major. When one washes his/her hands, they eliminate the risk of transferring bacteria causing infections to the wound. You should try and stop the bleeding; for minor wounds rinse them with water as the bleeding often stops on its own. For serious wounds, one may be required to apply pressure on it using a clean cloth or bandage until the injury stops bleeding.

No matter the number of assignments that you have, you should not skip breakfast, as it is the most important meal of the day. It does not matter the time that you have woken up; skipping breakfast only encourages you to consume more meals. Ensure that the breakfast contains a balanced diet.

When shopping for snacks, pick healthy snacks; healthy snacks help you satisfy your cravings and at the same time maintain your shape. Instead of the snacks, one can eat fruits, but eating too many fruits can contribute to one's weight gain, due to the sugars in the fruits. It is very important that one keeps hydrated, so as to get rid of the water weight. Eating foods that have a lot of water in them such as salads also helps in getting rid of the water weight.

Find a suitable way to cope with stress other than stress eating; one can talk with friends, a counselor, or even their guardian. Limit your sugar intake and the intake of caffeinated beverages as they can contribute to your weight gain. One can substitute the sodas and coffee with green tea as it is much healthier and it helps in toning your body. Instead of sugar one can use natural honey as a sweetener.

You should not skip meals; rather you can consume small amounts of meals. Skipping mealtime will only boost your appetite to consume junk. One is encouraged to take multi-vitamins as they aid one to stay healthy and avoid illnesses. To ensure that you have a healthy eating program, seek the guidance of a professional to fight eating disorders, and also evaluate if your body is fit for a certain die


Simple exercises such as walking to class can help one get rid of the excess weight. If the classes are far one can ride a bicycle instead of a car; riding a bicycle assists in burning calories fast. Activities such as swimming, afternoon walks, and morning jogs can help one stay in shape and healthy. One can sign in a gym for the Zumba dances and aerobics sessions; the gym helps them cut off unwanted fat and keep fit. Finding a workout buddy can boost your will to keep fit as they encourage u to maintain a healthy diet and keep time for exercises

Getting regular checkups and medical tests can prevent illnesses from an early stage. When engaging in sexual activities use protection even if you are on family planning methods; condoms not only prevent you from unwanted pregnancies but also sexually transmitted infections that could affect your physical and mental state.

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Maintaining a daily routine helps one to stay on toes and to avoid feeling stressed out on issues. It is also advisable for one to set realistic goals that he/she can achieve, to reduce the amount of stress they experience.

One should minimize the intake of alcoholic drinks and the times he/she parties the whole night. Partying the whole night might disrupt the amount of sleep that you get, causing the harmful outcome to your body. Taking regular naps allows your body to heal and increase the energy levels of your body.