Liberal arts colleges have become particularly competitive for international applicants. Although admission requirements differ and selectivity is based on the university itself, more students want to attend liberal arts colleges. International students feel that the university offers students a broader base to learn from. In a place with a totally different culture and language, high sensory learning is tantamount. First, it begins with English lessons and then absorbing the culture and getting used to a different setup. Right from the airport to living accommodation on campus. But, how hard is it to get into a liberal arts college in the U.S


For admissions into college, there is no one standard but a public research university or a small college may be more competitive than others. Being selective refers to the number or percentage of students offered admissions. As compared to the number of completed freshman applications that the school receives. For example only 97 of the more than two thousand international applicants were offered admission to Grinnell University. This would comply as one of the colleges with higher selective admissions. The lower the percentage of acceptance, the more selective it is.

Some schools offer open admissions and consider only your ability to benefit from attending the university. However, in colleges where it is difficult to gain admission, high school grades and test scores are required for consideration before admission. Most liberal arts colleges look for students who are well rounded and diverse. Meaning they contribute to the community, work well with others and are ambitious. They should be able to prove they are interested in and excel in the arts. Most schools take pride in admitting excellent students with good grades, so good grades in the right subjects matter.

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Having a portfolio to showcase your works is not a bad idea. Most schools will require proof of interest during the admissions process, so you might as well start early. A strong achiever both in and out of the classroom is their main target. Schools also do look at how you can fit into their community. They may seek international students, students from different states to contribute to their overall community. This can be through culture and admitting students of different backgrounds does make for a more diverse and culturally inclusive campus.


A college may also favor a student who shows an interest in sports or has a good sportsmanship record. Talent accompanied with hard work always comes out on top and school admissions boards love students who can bring the two front and center. The schools also make their admissions requirements including SAT and ACT scores available on their website. For international students, language exam requirements and other necessary documents are made available for the students' knowledge to prepare accordingly. Meeting the minimum requirements is necessary, but sometimes to get admitted you need to showcase exceptional ability to reserve a place for yourself.


Most students who do not get in on the first round are placed on a waitlist in the event an admitted student does not enroll at the start of the semester. Sometimes, students may have a perfect admission presentation. A full 4.0 GPA and even 2100 on their SATS. Now while this might be under your control, how the school decides to proceed with the admissions process is not. The school may be focusing on legacy applicants or making athletic recruits depending on the year, or even diversity in their school's programs.You may do some prior research to your dream school before making the application to ‘position yourself well’ given the circumstances.