You have finished your undergrad successfully. After a few years, you chose to do a masters. Some people to do it right after they have finished their first degree, but I think that is unwise. For one, you may have an interest in the subject, but without experience in the marketplace, you do not know much more than that. In fact, after some time as an employee, you may consider changing your course altogether. Therefore, my advice would be to wait a few years 2-3 even five, to do a masters. This will really enhance your resume because you have a somewhat lengthy experience and then the masters will be that icing on the cake.

Now you have a masters. You went back to school after a hiatus from academics. Now you want to go back to school. Well, the reasons for getting a Ph.D. should be really good. It should not just be for the sake of impressing your colleagues or parents. It takes a grueling amount of time and effort to complete a doctorate degree. It is impressive of course to have the title, Dr. before your name, but what happens after? Some people may argue against getting a doctorate for a job promotion. Is it well worth it?

Well, some reasons to get a Ph.D. can be to discover and learn something new. You may already be an expert in your field, and you have the urge to go further to know more. If your reasons include for the love of knowledge. Go ahead. No one will be able to talk you out doing something you love. If it includes a Ph.D. in archeology, if it Is what you love then it will be worth your while. Another reason could be you craves a challenge. You feel like your mind has been asleep. Work is not as challenging and you do not have a business, family obligations or a hobby that you are dedicated to.

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This could be your chance to get your mind working again to challenge yourself. Your way of thinking and even methods of working. However, you must be ready to give it copious amounts of your time. Never let education be as a result of fulfilling others’ ambitions. Even if they are paying for your tuition negotiate for a course you love and show them the benefits. Both career wise and for your own fulfillment. When you are doing something, you do not enjoy you quickly burn out from stress and depression.

For some people, academia is their ‘thing’. The way you love music, you might have a friend who loves books, language, history, biology or something else. They already have two degrees, but what is one more. It is a hobby for them to learn more. If this is the kind of person, then go ahead. You will enjoy the workings of a doctorate degree. Doing a Ph.D. also gives you confidence. You learn new skills, meet new people, share ideas and feel that you are also making your contribution to the world.

Brainstorming is where new innovations come from. New apps, products, and services. You become a better communicator, refine your research skills, and you now have better abilities to understand and solve problems. A doctorate degree is no cheap task. You have to take loans to pay for your tuition without a guarantee of a job yet; while living on a stipend. It can be worrying when you think about the debt you have and if you will be able to repay it.

The good news is, in the long run after a Ph.D. you make enough, actually much more to cover the loans you took out. What you need to do is be patient, and painstakingly keen on building a great network and seek out industrial experience jobs. They pay well. STEM graduates, those in the field of sciences, technology, engineering or math can expect to earn six-figure salaries right out of grad school.