Discipline is at the base of being a good student. It enables you to stick to plans and prioritize your subjects according to knowledge, exam setting, what you need to improve in and the likes. A disciplined student also sets out to use their time well. Their time is divided into business and pleasure. Time is set aside to engage in social activities like going out for movies, dinners, and parties. The other half of your time is dedicated to reading and of course, rest. Sleep is important. Having time to rejuvenate and recover from a long night of reading, or traveling over the weekend is essential. Being disciplined is what will keep you in line. It is what will help you achieve your goals and stay focused on what you need to do as opposed to what you need to do.


For any relationship to work, there needs to be mutual respect. While on a college campus or high school campus, you tend to interact with several students and of course your teachers and professors. To gain the most of out your education, you need to have a good relationship first. Be respectful to other students, because they could help you study, guide you when you do not understand a new topic, or simply send you the assignment when you miss class. It is always preferable to build and leave amicable relationships when you leave a place. It is also a good idea to build a professional rapport with your professors. They can end p being mentors, refer you for jobs or help you with a thesis statement later on. All this will help you thrive to become a good student. In fact, an exceptional one.

Ask Questions

It is good to be attentive in class. Yes, you listened and will probably pass the test, but the point of school is to learn. Therefore, do not be shy to ask questions when you are curious. Challenge other students and your professors. Being active in class helps you remember more than just note-taking and nodding to every word the teacher says. Disagreeing with a statement, asking smart questions also make up for a great learning experience and some healthy discussions open up your mind.

Challenge yourself

Pick a subject you are not conversant with. A sport you used to play but stopped for no reason. It is always good to challenge yourself. Activate the cells of your brain that have been asleep and get your heart racing on the field or in the water. Outside of academics, there is an exciting world waiting to be explored. A good student enjoys being an all-around active student. They enjoy sports or a hobby of choice, they also take time to join clubs. Perhaps you have a passion for writing, this the opportunity to join the school or campus newspaper. It can all be very engaging and fulfilling.

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Organization is Key

I cannot emphasize enough the importance of being organized. This means you should have a planner to put in classes and add reminders for meetings and other activities. It does not have to be on pen and paper. Since we tend to have our phones everywhere we go, add it in your calendar when you need to show up for a debate team discussion, or meet a group member for an assignment. Set up an alarm for your exercises, morning routines and such. It is important to start your day at the same time every day and try to sleep at the same time too. Having a good and uninterrupted sleeping pattern will really increase your productivity. Finally, study. Study whenever you can. Just to keep up with the work and stay on top of new topics that have been introduced. The only way to master a skill, an algorithm or a law is to study it and to do so often.