The first benefit associated with getting a graduate degree is the prestige that comes along with it. Categorically recognized as the hardest or rather, toughest coursework in higher education, getting a Ph.D. awards you with some bragging rights. You will immediately be seen as a person who is, in fact, resilient and hardworking enough to complete such a course. A person who can commit and finish. It lets people know something about your character and puts you in a positive light. You also get the title doctor to put before your name. After all, you earned it. Dr. so and so has a nice ring to it. However, other than bragging rights, what else is there?

Research Skills

You can now add research skills to your resume after all the work that went into your Ph.D. resume. Considering the mental exercise, you have had for the past few years, this one is well deserved after passing your research proposal. Your analytical skills will also be much better. You can size things up much faster than other people, based on the time you have had preparing essays and doing tests before your final examinations and proposal.


After graduating with a Ph.D., you will be recognized as an expert in your field, and even when applying for employment, you will be recognized as such. This will definitely give you an advantage in the recruitment process because you will stand out for your skills and qualifications.


America has a reputation for having a quality education system. Especially because they are a world leader when it comes to innovation and business, as well as infrastructure. This means that if you are an international student (not American), your degree reflects well in your own country and gives you an added advantage when making job applications, to land senior positions in a lucrative career. The best universities in the world are mostly American. There are other top-ranking universities around the world, but the American universities stand out the most.


After going through a grueling few years, long nights, little sleep, buried in paper and with almost zero social life…This only shows that you grew to adapt to the challenges and then molded them to make them opportunities to excel. Clearly, you are an adaptable human being, flexible enough to keep pace with your environment and prosper. Not many people can say that. A doctorate degree also instills in you a confidence that was not there before. Having the highest degree in the land is a wonderful thing and people immediately recognize it. Speaking up in public on a topic about your chosen field immediately feels like a comfortable playing ground. You own the conversations, the experience and have full knowledge about the topic at hand. This is why Ph.D. graduates do so well as seminar and workshops. This is why they are chosen as guest speakers and keynote speakers for an event.


Now although you have been out of the workplace arena for a while, this does not mean you are out of the game. Hardly, in fact, you are privy to some very senior roles. Some may look at you as under experienced and overqualified, but when it comes to a research job you may be in the right place. Research jobs are not impossible to come by. Start with your university, ask for recommendations, network and find out the best paying research jobs and which company is offering them. Government bodies and institutions also offer research positions or highly skilled positions because they need the very best.

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The experts in their field. Yes, they are talking about you. A government career offers you longevity and security. This means, after taking out student loans and relying on a weak stipend to survive, those days are now over. If you desire a career in academics, this an open field for you. You will sufficient available for you to choose from.