As any academic would know, plagiarism is a big offense that is taken seriously. The offense is punishable by the law. Therefore, all students and writers alike need to be careful when publishing material to do so lawfully. Following the right formats and regulations have given by their respective institutions. Doing an essay, thesis or term paper right means doing the proofreading and plagiarism check to ensure our work is legitimate.

Plagiarized work also ruins the reputation of the one who has plagiarized their work. If it is an academic, their reputation and authority will be stained and naturally, this minimizes future opportunities. Few have been able to walk away unscathed by the accusation of plagiarism. It has lost many of their senior roles, careers, and good name. As authority figures, there is a great embarrassment after such an accusation.

Any college worth its name and credibility makes sure they do a plagiarism check before approving any submitted papers. This is to uphold the honesty of individuals and the integrity of the institution as a whole. Just like the students, the school has a name to uphold, build or a reputation to maintain. Therefore, it is necessary to do the required checks on any academic work submitted. Be it a class assignment, an exam or a serious finals paper. Checking for copying is essential because the aim of doing an individual assignment or sitting for an exam is to be able to claim your own work based on your own knowledge.

When we ‘copy-paste’ other peoples work or try and pass it off as our own, it is a breach of trust between the institution or teaching and examining the body and the student. To quickly filter out work that is plagiarized from that one that is not, many universities now require students to submit their works through plagiarism checker software like Turnitin. On Turnitin, there is a huge amount of work available that will allow you as the student to become aware of your errors and naturally change the plagiarized text and make corrections.

Also see: Best Academic Essay Writing Services For students who are accused of plagiarism, it could mean expulsion or suspension and no readmission as a consequence. Therefore, students may fail to complete their studies from plagiarizing work. For graduates who completed successfully only to be later accused, their titles are likely to be stripped away. Meaning you go from Doctor to Mister or Missus and your work is disregarded as foul play. Therefore, if you were an honest student for the majority of your schooling, such an accusation expels all goodwill and you are left with the reputation of someone who ‘stole’ and passed it off as their own work.

Much like when athletes use drugs to enhance their performance any titles and recognition including awards and rewards they receive are stripped and refunded to the rewarding institution. This has happened famously to Lance Armstrong who confessed to using drugs to win the famous cycling race la tour de France. He not only received bad publicity but also his endorsements fell through due to his dishonesty. Companies do not like to be associated with falsehoods. It is morally wrong and the same goes for academics. For younger students who commit this offense, their academic record may reflect their ethics offense which could lead them to be barred from entering another college should they so wish to further their education. There is also a policy on campus for how a plagiarism case is handled. For some, graduates may face retroactive revocation of a degree is they are found guilty of plagiarizing after completing college. It could also lead to temporary or permanent transcript notation of plagiarism. As writing articles and doing essays, thesis’ and term papers are unavoidable, we can look for ways to prevent plagiarism. Know ahead of time what you want to write. Look for the right material, and be careful when doing research to leave notes that you can come back to.