Discipline & Patience

Good things come to those who wait. Because a Ph.D. is not one- or two-years work, for those pursuing a doctorate the answer is to be patient and hard working. Keeping your eye on the prize. Having your goal and knowing when to stay focused is important. As a student doing research day in, day out and sometimes feeling overwhelmed; remembering why you are doing the doctorate degree will make it all worth it.

Being disciplined is also a learned skill. It has to come from a place where this is a will and a hunger to succeed. At whatever you are pursuing. In this case, it is a doctorate degree, and to stay on track you need to be disciplined. It is like saving money. You have to do it without fail, to reap the rewards. There is the obvious case of being discouraged when your peers are moving forward I career and developing other aspects of their lives. However, the choice made to pursue a Ph.D. should never be made from a point of insecurity, but instead a point of purpose. A purpose to achieve something that will eventually be your legacy.


This is why it is important to choose your degree and to do it out of passion, ambition or both but most of all for yourself. Doing a degree for the benefit of others, or to land a lucrative job are not the best decisions to make. After working very hard, even Ph.D. graduates have a hard time landing jobs that fit their skill set and qualifications. It takes a lot of effort and networking to get what you want and deserve.

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As for doctorate graduates, full-time study means less experience than your peers. It is not natural or expected that the job will be handed over to you just because you have the title ‘Dr’ in front of your name. While you study take full advantage of networking galas dinners, fairs, and exhibitions. Those contacts will come in handy as you round up your final year and even before that. While building a rapport with potential employers.

Research work

This is where you have the chance to build upon envious research skills. The kind that gets you hired for senior and special jobs. Research skills are so important and sought-after. In a world flooded with information, filtering out the chaos, the noise and recently the ‘fake news’ will do wonders when done right. Employers know that not everyone is very skilled in the area of research except a well-studied expert. In that case, this refers to you as the Ph.D. graduate. In some cases, graduates are hired precisely for their research skills. Therefore, take it very seriously. Educate yourself and go s step further to shadow your mentors and professors on the right way to do research. From the source to quotations.


Writing regularly is the only way to get your dissertation done. Get in a paragraph or two every now and then helps. When you feel inspired to go for another 2 hours. It is best to work when you feel focused, energetic and in tuned with your topic. Sometimes this stems from being inspired by a journal you have read, the course of a discussion with a respected authority or a fresh outlook on your work. It is all worth it. Take advantage of the zeal and write.


Do not forget that rest is important. Take the time off and go out with friends. Watch a new movie, have a picnic on a sunny day or take a swim at the beach. It is all worth it after your hard work. It will definitely help to destress when you change the scenery, the environment. Saturation from studying, writing, sitting at a computer too long can all clog up your brain. You become frustrated and impatient with fatigue.