Level of research

Research can be done without having a postgraduate degree. Depending on the level of research you want to do, a research can be conducted at an undergraduate level satisfactorily. One can be a research assistant with a graduate degree or a research associate with a master’s degree. However, if you want to join the ranks of being a research fellow or scientist, then a postgraduate degree is necessary. At this level, you command greater research skills to produce better quality work, that will ensure postgraduate pay for the level of work that you are doing.

If you are seeking to get a research grant, you will need to prove your capabilities. If you have a Ph.D., this will be easily quantifiable, however, if you do not have one it will be significantly harder to explain why you need a research grant without the expected skill set (acquired through a Ph.D.). If you hope to get paid to do research or receive a grant then there must be evidence of your skill set especially through academia and professional experience.

The Internet

Today, however, the internet makes it possible for curious and intelligent minds to conduct their own research to their heart's desire. Their work may not be published in authoritative journals without prior academic qualifications, but the internet makes for a viable case. In the age of information, there is no stopping someone who wants to learn with access and ability to do so. It is possible. Depending on where you work, it is also possible to work innovatively in a research capacity, as opposed to some corporate environments that insist on implementing your skill set. Instead of developing it.

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It is also possible to pursue a professional research position without good academic records. If you have done exemplary work in the past, then it is possible to rely on a good highly respected recommendation. This can open doors for you to do proper research work elsewhere. At some universities, there are classes that encourage students to participate in research world programs. This can be even at masters or undergraduate level. Do not hesitate to become a professor’s assistant and learn from them. In some countries (norway0 it is possible to do a post-graduate degree without receiving any formal research training. It is referred to as the doctor Philosophiae. Candidates for this degree write their one thesis without the help of a supervisor. However, it is good to note that they have no connection to the university that approves of their degree until the application for admission for this particular degree has been approved. After which, they sit for a Dr. Philos examination. Nevertheless, a postgraduate degree conferred directly by the university and those done through the former mentioned have equal value in the Norwegian society. This includes roles for employment in the industry and academia.

The Ph.D. is the highest degree in the land. To achieve a doctorate degree not only shows your skills and prowess in the field, it also shows your smarts and dedication, and this is the most important thing. This is one of the main reasons as to why people get degrees. Your title has an effect and command that draws attention and commands respect. Many would want the title Dr. but the work that goes into it is what often puts people off. The kind of tenacity needed to complete a doctorate degree is what separates the dreamers from the doors, and it is what gets you recognized as a par above the rest. This is why it may be hard to get recognition as a professional researcher without the qualifications that go with it. Good things come to those who wait. Because a Ph.D. is not one- or two-years work, for those pursuing research the answer is to be patient and hard working. Keeping your eye on the prize