How to keep in shape during college

The first step of keeping fit is watching your diet. Dieting does not mean that you should starve yourself; rather one should identify the correct portions that they should consume. You should avoid consuming too much food even if it is healthy food as the calories obtained in the food may make one to accumulate unwanted weight. One should avoid eating at the cafeteria and adapt to healthy cooking so as to maintain a healthy lifestyle and avoid gaining weight.

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How to keep in shape during college

Sewing may seem like a difficult task, but it’s quite simple. For people who are being introduced to sewing for the first time, sewing dresses are the simplest task that one can start with. Making a dress can prove to be simple especially if one identifies a simple fabric that they would like to work with and design. The design is defined well when you first sketch it on a piece of paper. Take measurements to avoid making an outfit that does not fit well.

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How to arrange flowers

The Japanese art of flower arrangement is known as ikebana which means living flowers, or as kado which refers to the way of a flower. Plants bring out the pop of color in a room and also make space to come to life. Picture perfect flower bouquets create beautiful vicinity. When arranging flowers there is no particular way to place. Thus there are very many unique techniques for the outcome of flowers, to suit the occurrence.

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How to be a lifeguard

A lifeguard is a job that students can take up, to take home some extra cash or an individual who wants to earn some extra money while on vacation. However, for one to become a lifeguard, he/she should take a certificate course that amount up to five hundred dollars and approximately thirty hours to comprehend. Most lifeguards are paid on an hourly basis, with an income of just about ten dollars an hour. On the other hand, professional beach lifeguards earn about sixteen dollars per hour. However, the salary varies depending on your location, places with a lot of recreational water bodies pay much more to their lifeguards.

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