How to Get Your Research Published

Science is a vast subject, therefore writing a science research paper can either be a challenge, or it can be fun, but it is interesting! To write a science research paper successfully, a student must, first of all, understand the question assigned to them. The terminology used can be a little tricky sometimes, but that is not to say it cannot be simplified. Some people enjoy science and writing a science paper feels easy while others do not like the challenge it represents. However, you can be sure that it is required from all high school students, regardless of preference.

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How to Get Your Research Published

Congratulations on making it to Law School! Now that one hard part is over let’s move on to the next one. Law School has a reputation of being some of the most grueling sleepless four years of any student, regardless of undergraduate, graduate or doctoral program. You read and write and memorize and obsess and cram and pray and stress; the list goes on! Now it is time to write a research paper, and you are not sure where to begin. Some topics are too wide; others are uncharted territory. Perhaps you feel it is common. It is often covered in class and you are worried it would come off as an unoriginal topic. This article will help you navigate some of those issues and help you double down on what you need to do to get the perfect topic for you to write on.

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The World Oldest Universities History

Many institutions of higher learning have a very interesting history. University education has taken many aspects of modern life but most universities that have been around for centuries. The oldest ones are:

  • University of Bologna
  • Situated in Bologna Italy, this is a school that is estimated to have been established in 1088 and is considered to be the first one in the sense of higher learning and awarding degrees to scholars. It is so old that the word university developed from its foundation. The University of Bologna got its charter from Frederick Barbarossa around 1158. A committee of historians that was led by Giosué Carducci did research to trace the founding of this old university to 1088. Since then it has been considered to be the first university. It Latin Motto (Alma mater studiorum) means “nourishing mother if studies.”

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