Today young adults are fully aware of their sexuality, and it is heightened on the internet. Additionally, they have been given the free will and power to claim their sexual identities through a progressive new society that is seeking to make inclusion the norm though diversity. This also pertains to their sexual orientation and being sexually ‘fluid’. Now while these changes have inspired any young generation, the world over; there are those who still do not accept the new normal in particular societies. When it comes to sexuality, the exposure happens quite early today. Many television programs, music videos, and internet content depict sexual content, sometimes normally. As part of the status quo, and for the young generation today, their first sexual experiences are established online.

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The black market refers to a clandestine market that is also referred to as a shadow economy, or underground economy; whereby noncompliant behavior to constitutional laws and, or regulations are practiced. It may define a set of goods and services whose production has been outlawed, and the distribution has also been prohibited. Leaving the participants to conduct their business in secret as it is considered illegal

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Nuclear weapons refer to an explosive device like a bomb or missile that derives its enery from nuclear energy reactions. Some of the countries that have carried out nuclear weapon research and development illegally include Iran and North Korea. This has substantially damaged their reputation with other world leaders, effectively experiencing sanctions for decades at a time. In many cases, they have lost international partnerships and lucrative deals due to their reputation and they are shunned by the world superpowers.

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Before you get an offer for employment, the candidate is walked through the company culture and expectations of the role you are interviewing for. It may not be spelled out, but abstaining from drugs and other addictive substances is an obvious side note that employers expect you to adhere to. Once you get the contract for employment, there could be a section that highlights this. When it comes to competitive sports it is even more significant to abstain from any performance-enhancing drugs or the complete opposite. Those that can hinder performance completely through poor side effects. Taking drugs at work is a moral issue. First, it does not appeal to employers at all. It shows them your character or the lack of it when you show up ‘high’ to work. When it comes t competitive sports, it shows dishonesty and a lack of integrity so profound to the sports that athletes often lose their contracts, or they are stripped of medals won at competitive games.

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