Cigarettes are a harmful substance. Just like alcohol, although they are both legal. Manufacturers make these products while making the users fully aware of the dangers of using them. They even use images to dissuade users from smoking or drinking, while also outlining the risks they expose themselves to. However, this is mostly done out of requirement as it is a regulation in most countries, and it is also illegal to advertise the wrong information.

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Monitoring a teenager’s online internet use is not criminal, but it does infringe on their privacy. However, in times when the child might seem in danger or starts portraying unusual behavior, I would say it is a matter of good parenting. To make sure their child is safe. I believe that it is not always a matter of infringement of privacy rights, but it has to do more with concern. Today with cyberbullying and extremist recruitment online, one can never be too careful. All people have a right to their own privacy, and as they get older the reins must also get loose. A teenager cannot be monitored the same way they were monitored at 5 or even 11. When they reach the high school age, the most important part of parenting should have already been at this age.

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The gun laws in America is something that has been condemned globally. In America, mass shootings have become a terror attack in itself. Young children in schools, malls, and even cafes have been losing their lives senselessly due to the mass shootings. The shootings that have taken place in an Orlando nightclub, in Las Vegas and even in the church shows that some of these shootings are motivated by marginalized hatred while others prey on innocent individuals that have no role to play in the shooter’s life. More often than not, the shooters claim to be mentally unstable to escape the full force of the law. Leaving the victims families with a feeling of injustice due to some of the lenient judgments from the courts and definitely a leniency when it comes to changing the law to favor those who have been wronged by imposing gun control.

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There are some unruly youngsters today who have made poor choices in their lives. Some out of circumstance, out of consequence and some by choice. Often young people with a criminal history also have a troubled background. If they are found guilty of wrongdoing, then those in question should be given the subsequent judgment aligned with their crimes considering their age. Young people with a criminal history should be given the chance for rehabilitation.

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Immigrants are people who move from their home countries to go live in a foreign country permanently. In most cases, they go and settle abroad as refugees first before being granted asylum or permanent residency. Refugees flee due to volatile situations such as civil war, political unrest, perhaps even an epidemic that was life-threatening. However, in most cases, immigrants move from their countries in desperation due to poverty hoping for a better future in a foreign land.

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