The Ph.D. is the highest degree in the land. To achieve a doctorate degree not only shows your skills and prowess in the field, it also shows your smarts and dedication, and this is the most important thing. This is one of the main reasons as to why people get degrees. Your title has an effect and command that draws attention and commands respect. Many would want the title Dr. but the work that goes into it is what often puts people off. The kind of tenacity needed to complete a doctorate degree is what separates the dreamers from the doors, and it is what gets you recognized as a par above the rest.

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When it comes to writing, professionally or academically spellchecking your grammar is not negotiable. The words must be correctly spelled, and your sentences have to make sense. With regards to the legal profession, it is that much more important. The legal documents lawyers and legislators write are read aloud in court, presented to authoritative figures in the law industry. Even when presented to a peer, it is important, to not only look right but sound right. Your presentation reflects you as a legal officer, and hence your work must be up to par and this is one step.

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Legal drafting means the preparation of any written legal document. A motion, a letter, a brief a memo or a contract. In general, drafting summarizes the action of organizing information and ideas into sentences and paragraphs as part of the writing process. Hence the phrase, ‘rough draft’. To mean, unfinished or unpolished works. Drafting is always about the recipient. Lawyers must always consider their recipients first. Having knowledge of your audience pays off. You know the appropriate language to use, the substance of the text and what changes need to be made.

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The first benefit associated with getting a graduate degree is the prestige that comes along with it. Categorically recognized as the hardest or rather, toughest coursework in higher education, getting a Ph.D. awards you with some bragging rights. You will immediately be seen as a person who is, in fact, resilient and hardworking enough to complete such a course. A person who can commit and finish. It lets people know something about your character and puts you in a positive light. You also get the title doctor to put before your name. After all, you earned it. Dr. so and so has a nice ring to it. However, other than bragging rights, what else is there?

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Writing, in general, has different genres and techniques. Short prose, long form, and the likes. When it comes to legal writing its own unique techniques apply according to laws, states and the court being addressed. It is always good to show a good command of the language and knowledge of the law. It is also important to follow the rules and regulations, as well as the format stipulated. When writing in legal format, or addressing a legal topic certain technique is applied.

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