Postgrad students rely on their supervisors for help and support. They ask for guidance and direction in their writing and experiments. The supervisor provides correction and even becomes a mentor in the process. Offering advises on how to navigate postgrad life and its challenges. Students pursuing postgraduate education often have to overcome a number of overwhelming situations. The support of family, friends, peers and their supervisors help them to stay focused and on track. However, not all supervisor relationships are positive.

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Level of research

Research can be done without having a postgraduate degree. Depending on the level of research you want to do, a research can be conducted at an undergraduate level satisfactorily. One can be a research assistant with a graduate degree or a research associate with a master’s degree. However, if you want to join the ranks of being a research fellow or scientist, then a postgraduate degree is necessary. At this level, you command greater research skills to produce better quality work, that will ensure postgraduate pay for the level of work that you are doing.

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Discipline & Patience

Good things come to those who wait. Because a Ph.D. is not one- or two-years work, for those pursuing a doctorate the answer is to be patient and hard working. Keeping your eye on the prize. Having your goal and knowing when to stay focused is important. As a student doing research day in, day out and sometimes feeling overwhelmed; remembering why you are doing the doctorate degree will make it all worth it.

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Legal drafting means the preparation of any written legal document. A motion, a letter, a brief a memo or a contract. In general, drafting summarizes the action of organizing information and ideas into sentences and paragraphs as part of the writing process. Hence the phrase, ‘rough draft’. To mean, unfinished or unpolished works. Drafting is always about the recipient. Lawyers must always consider their recipients first. Having knowledge of your audience pays off. You know the appropriate language to use, the substance of the text and what changes need to be made.

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As any academic would know, plagiarism is a big offense that is taken seriously. The offense is punishable by the law. Therefore, all students and writers alike need to be careful when publishing material to do so lawfully. Following the right formats and regulations have given by their respective institutions. Doing an essay, thesis or term paper right means doing the proofreading and plagiarism check to ensure our work is legitimate.

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