Immigrants are people who move from their home countries to go live in a foreign country permanently. In most cases, they go and settle abroad as refugees first before being granted asylum or permanent residency. Refugees flee due to volatile situations such as civil war, political unrest, perhaps even an epidemic that was life-threatening. However, in most cases, immigrants move from their countries in desperation due to poverty hoping for a better future in a foreign land.

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In line with the recent health and fitness trends, a health and fitness enthusiast would expect restaurants or rather the hospitality industry to pick up the pace and include ingredients on their menus and for the more nitpicky customers, a calorie count. Now while this may appeal to those who are watching their weight either through diet or exercise, it may not be beneficial for everyone. There are some people who get so caught up in weight watching that they tend to deny themselves the nourishment their bodies need. They also become obsessed with calorie counting to a degree that has a negative effect on their bodies and their mental health. Providing the calories to meals also has a good side. It will help diners avoid obesity by eating a balanced diet among other eating disorders. Being mindful of the food we consume is always a good idea when it comes to maintaining a balanced diet and healthy weight. It is not really about who is fat or thin. It is more important to focus on a healthy blood sugar levels and consuming good fats and cholesterol as opposed to trans fats and overloading on carbohydrates.

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Taxes are collected by the government as a way to supply the state with money to fuel infrastructure and pay civil servants for their work. This includes members of parliament, the president himself, his cabinet and those who work in both high and lower-ranking capacity for national corporations. They are government funded but do not necessarily receive money from the government to pay for wages. Instead, it caters to more significant tasks such as implementing projects. The government places taxes on a variety of things, touching on every sector of the country’s economy including beverages and alcoholic drinks. The taxes apply as per the government treasury’s office regulations, and the industry complies for the smooth running of a business.

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Today young adults are fully aware of their sexuality, and it is heightened on the internet. Additionally, they have been given the free will and power to claim their sexual identities through a progressive new society that is seeking to make inclusion the norm though diversity. This also pertains to their sexual orientation and being sexually ‘fluid’. Now while these changes have inspired any young generation, the world over; there are those who still do not accept the new normal in particular societies. When it comes to sexuality, the exposure happens quite early today. Many television programs, music videos, and internet content depict sexual content, sometimes normally. As part of the status quo, and for the young generation today, their first sexual experiences are established online.

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The black market refers to a clandestine market that is also referred to as a shadow economy, or underground economy; whereby noncompliant behavior to constitutional laws and, or regulations are practiced. It may define a set of goods and services whose production has been outlawed, and the distribution has also been prohibited. Leaving the participants to conduct their business in secret as it is considered illegal

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