Liberal arts colleges typically focus on teaching humanities. This includes philosophy. In a small college, it is a good place to learn the workings of the mind and go the extra mile to experiment and get more after class sessions with professors to discuss topics and findings based on research or otherwise. In a liberal arts college, the professors focus a lot on the quality of their curriculum and delivery. Did the student understand? Can we have a discussion about it? They are eager to have their students participate not only in the classroom but outside of their familiar set up.

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A thesis should be a specific body of work. Meaning, a thesis should be about the statement and providing specific evidence to support that statement. The thesis statement usually appears at the end of the first paragraph of an academic paper. It should have a structured body of work. This makes it easy to read with a good flow of the story. To manage your work well, begin with an outline to give yourself a frame you can use to work methodically.

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There is a misconception that Liberal Arts colleges do not offer a good curriculum or experience for STEM students. Including a degree in computer science. STEM stands for science, technology, and mathematics, and people do not expect a school of the liberal arts to offer a competitive education for students interested in the science field. This opinion is not only false, but students who have studied sciences at small colleges have continued to enroll for grad school and even do their doctorates. Therefore, the education is not only good but it produces brilliant students.

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Liberal arts colleges have become particularly competitive for international applicants. Although admission requirements differ and selectivity is based on the university itself, more students want to attend liberal arts colleges. International students feel that the university offers students a broader base to learn from. In a place with a totally different culture and language, high sensory learning is tantamount. First, it begins with English lessons and then absorbing the culture and getting used to a different setup. Right from the airport to living accommodation on campus. But, how hard is it to get into a liberal arts college in the U.S

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How to Write an Ethnography Paper

Before we dive into how to write an ethnography paper, let us define ethnography. Ethnography is the study of people and cultures. It is done systematically using thought out procedures to gather useful information for usable results. A person in this line of work is called an ethnographer and it is a study closely related to anthropology. Ethnography is a social science focused on pre-dominantly non-western cultures. Some reputable ethnographers include Franz Boas, Lewis H. Morgan, and Thor Hoyer dahl, among others. It is an interesting choice of study and career and requires the same dedication as one would put into sciences. Now, ethnography relies heavily on personal experience, therefore, the person writing the ethnography paper should be involved in the process of collecting data, especially the fieldwork.

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