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A case study is a research on a person, situation or group over a period.  Students write their case studies after a formal research method thus a significant part of academic grades.  To achieve top grades requires you to spend a lot of time writing and proofreading.  It is tricky to read your work and identify mistakes as you feel you have done your best.

 Academic Writers Bureau (AWB) is a seasoned academic editing service that offers extensive editing to improve the quality of coursework and enable students to get better grades.

Why do you need our services?

We perform thorough editing

Unlike you who have to divide attention between other activities, we are a professional service with full-time editors. They have much time to go through your coursework with precision to identify any parts without value to your paper.

We know what to change

Editors at have been at it for many years. They have read hundreds of assignment gaining vast knowledge on how to present evidence that supports a conclusion. They will remove the evidence that weakens your arguments and does not support your conclusion leaving your paper with fewer but strong points.

Excellent polishing

We do not stop at improving the arguments. We enhance the appeal of your coursework by improving the grammar and presentation of your work. We will remove common errors like a confusion of words like there and there. Your editor will go deeper to check the accuracy and appropriateness of all aspects of the paper including:

  • Citation and reference
  • Transitions
  • Abbreviations and terminology
  • Capitalization and numbers
  • Spelling and punctuation
  • Tables and figures

Our Editing Team

AWB is a market leader in editing services due to our commitment to maintaining highly skilled editing team. Our editors are highly experienced native English speakers who have edited hundreds of academic documents. Each possesses a Master’s level degree, and a sizeable number hold Ph.D. degrees. Also, we took them through strict entry assessment and comprehensive training. You have our guarantee that once you place an order, we will assign it to a capable editor from the same field as your coursework topic.

Quality Assurance

We review their performance by our editors for each order they edit to determine if it meets the requirement. We also retrain them frequently to ensure that they are always at par with our high-quality editing standards. To deliver quality work, we take your paper into account as a whole and improve everything.

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  • How do I order for coursework editing? 

    Simple Find an order form on our website and fill the details about your urgency, academic level, spacing and reference style.


  • How long will it take my editor to edit my coursework?

    We provide our customers with a range of deadlines from few hours to several days. It depends on your preferred turnaround and the length of your coursework. 


  • What happens if you miss deadlines?

    We know deadlines are important for students. We make sure that we complete orders before your set deadline.

  • What will you charge me for editing?

    We do not charge the same price for everyone. We know that customers have different requirements and cost according to complexity, deadline, and spacing.


  • How do I pay and will I get value for money?

    Pay with your debit or credit card. We also accept payment by PayPal.  We have strict quality monitoring techniques to ensure that the editing of your paper is to the highest standards. 


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Lukas W. coursework editing improved my paper to a standard I have never reached before and even impressed my professor. I recommend it for my colleagues name 

Lukas W.


Dr. Pat G.

When I placed an order for editing services, the editor also enhanced my research and made my work to sound more credible. I will use this service again. 

Dr. Pat G.

Director, Madison Association, Cameroon

. Agnetta O.

I wrote coursework for reference by my students but did not have time to edit. Luckily AWB was there to do the editing, and after checking, the editor has removed all the errors, and my paper met the training standards I had in mind

. Agnetta O.

Senior Lecturer, Michigan State University