Initiate the argument of your essay on the right note by beginning with points that entice readers to continue read on and question the topic. A favorable introduction should clearly state the position of a writer and include thorough background on the subject then conclude with a solid, logical and thought-provoking thesis statement.

Establish an Argument

A typical essay should have up to three supporting evidence also called "claims." The evidence to support these assertions must be factual and from reliable sources. Supporting arguments should never be hypothetical or personal. Avoid showing off irrational anger or delivers the best essays because our writers are never excessive in defending the evidence but instead use the necessary supporting evidence to support the thesis.

Essay Rebuttals

Sometimes essays need a rebuttal mostly for argumentative essays. A rebuttal is an instance where the writer will address the opposing views and refutes them with evidence. When writers use rebuttals as rhetorical devices, they make more impact in their paragraph or together within a single paragraph as defense claim. It all depends on the context. has good writers who know how to gauge the amount or type of evidence to determine how and the exact point to introduce their rebuttals.


Your conclusion should bring all the essay points home. Some writers feel lost at essay conclusion stage, but it is not that difficult. The conclusion should reiterate the thesis, but with light arguments and evidence, you established throughout your writing. Academic Writers Bureau helps you to summarize your main arguments in a careful way that does not introduce new ideas. A conclusion is the last chance to leave your reader with a compelling impression.

Additional Essay References

The above guidance is comprehensive for an essay and useful in helping you to make a decision if you are still at crossroads on whether to buy a sample essay. We still have left out some finer points that you will find in our sample essays. For more thorough writing help, most writers turn to the writer help section of and Purdue Owl. However, we cannot substitute the detailed scrutiny and proofreading by your classmates or friends. Do not fear to seek help fear as an independent point of view is a valuable way to test the strength of your argument. Ordering our sample essay is even better because our writers already have experience on how to approach your topic.

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