Traditional learning vis-à-vis Online Learning


Online learning is a mode of study where the need for physical class attendance for learners and their instructors is eliminated it is aimed to those who would wish to study alongside work or other commitments.

Online learning outsmarts the traditional methods of learning in almost all aspects. In traditional methods, learners and instructors have to physically meet in particular place at a scheduled time. Prepare and plan for material and travelling costs; institution will incur costs and other overheads including salaries for instructors, legal fees rent for premises, insurance, repair etc.

Saves time and money

Little or no time is wasted travelling which time can be used working or adding to learning; with no travelling necessary, money is saved. No need for books, pens or tuition fees. There is also broader aspect in saving as environment will remain intact with no cutting down of trees for the manufacture of learning materials e.g. books. Pollution from paper mills and pen industries will also be minimal with no high demand for learning materials.

Flexible learning time

With online learning, one does not have to stick to a particular schedule as all the content is always available online day and night; learning is possible at ones most appropriate time. As all materials necessary available online, the fear for lost or misplaced notes is eliminated. Research is at a click of a buttock with leading scholars posting their work online for free. All the necessary data and facts are available online.

Career growth

Working people are able to study enabling them to advance their career as they earn without the need to terminate their career to study reducing stress and guaranteeing promotion.

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