Dissertation Analysis

Analysis of data is a very important chapter in dissertation writing since it consists of collected data as well as the analysis from the researcher. However, data presentation and analysing it in a comprehensive way that can be understood is the main concept of having well-organized analysis chapter. The analysis should be carried out in an appropriate format with enough details that offers support to the researcher's views. Different sections should and must be included in data analysis chapter of the dissertation. First, the dissertation should have summary discussing the purpose of the research and the process used to conduct the research. In addition, in the summary, it is important to include a good description of data types, instruments of collecting data as well as any assumptions that might have been made during the research. Secondly, data analysis chapter also includes a detailed description of the entire research question one by one. Thirdly, the researcher performs both qualitative and mathematical analysis of collected data and statistics. The chapter ends with a conclusion of all questions separately and researcher’s insights drawn from the analysis. Analysis chapter forms the foundation that helps the researcher to draw conclusions, obtain patterns and give recommendations. The research work highly depends on the way the analysis chapter is done. Both qualitative and quantitative data should be properly documented and necessary tools, approach and conclusion indicating researcher’s analytical view. The most crucial thing to know about analysis chapter is that it is not meant for analysis. Therefore the chapter should be written in a good manner to ensure that it is interesting g and self-explanatory to the readers. Effective communication should be clearly reflected in the writing style for the purpose of finding and result to the person reading the chapter.

Dissertation Discussion

The discussion chapter is the framing section of a dissertation, and its function is to return the important argument set up in the introduction section. It is, therefore, important to reread the introduction chapter properly before the discussion chapter is done. Discussion of the hypothesis according to the way it is demonstrated by the research and indicates the effects on field’s knowledge as a result of the introduction of new data. Discussion chapter begins with the interpretation the results and then continues to implement the field within the general field. This chapter is an odd beast since it where the researcher speculates the findings while still avoiding rambling as well as arriving at logical leaps beyond the supported data. An evolving solution is normally set up in this section as a dialogue between theories and results. This means that all experimental results were arriving d obtained from other publications as a result of existing relationship that the researcher aims to get. In most cases, the result collaborates, refines, conflicts or extends with other results. The first statement in a research discussion is the restatement of the research question which is then followed by the depth of how the research questions have been answered. Later findings are related to issues raised in the introduction chapter such as differences, similarities and common trends. This shows whether the research refines, conflicts, extends or collaborates with the previous research. In the case of unexpected findings, they should be interpreted in terms interpretation, and method and case of extreme cases rewriting of the introduction section are important. In a stylish manner, the discussion chapter normally like bulleted points that need to be rewritten in the form of a paragraph. It is good to use subheading if necessary but if not concentrate on the flow between all the sections. Grammatical first person language should be highly avoided since it might be very intrusive.

Dissertation Conclusion

In a presentation of both logical and rational opinions representing a particular study topic, an appealing and unique conclusion of a dissertation is the most important thing. Dissertation conclusion is the most significant part of a dissertation since it is a representation of both the recommendations and results of research. In addition, if there is no an attractive conclusion shows that no proper analysis of research was done or else the researcher is not proficient in dissertation writing. The conclusion part requires a clear understanding of the interpretation and research analysis in regards to suggested hypothesis as well as the literature review. It is in this section where the delivered research results are clearly highlighted as well as offering accurate justification. Pertinent recommendations, strengths and limitations in a dissertation conclusion are the most important section in every issue highlighted in the dissertation as well as providing all support required. It is also good to have an overview of all the topics and the limitations faced during research process by research design, the sample size as well as questionnaire validity within the concluding section. A good dissertation conclusion need not be long but should be informative, clear, comprehensive and sound in describing researcher’s views and rationale towards research. This chapter is a go forward section of data analysis and should include both qualitative and quantitative representation of data and information under research. It is important not to include any new idea in this section and thus the researcher should only deal with what is included in the main body. No wonder what, the dissertation conclusion is the most significant and give details of is included in the main body of the dissertation. Thus, having a clear understating of writing a dissertation conclusion, it is important to make the paperwork unique and appealing.

Dissertation Proposal

Though dissertation proposal is not a strict requirement, it a crucial exercise and thus university determine the type of dissertation proposal to be written. Some courses assess research proposal as a part of a final dissertation on submission and thus it is important to ensure that the required format should be followed as well as submission deadline. In most cases, dissertation proposals contain 500 to 1000 word count depending on the course requirements. A dissertation proposal is a simple description of what the dissertation is all bout, problem questions being examined in the dissertation, references to the theoretical background and expected results of the study. Even if writing a dissertation proposal is not a must, it good to do so since it can enable you to get valuable feedback from the supervisor. In is always good to ask guidance from the supervisor mainly on the tone and style of the proposal. Researchers should be open-minded and flexible and indicate their willingness to include the ideas and methods as the study requires. Grammar rules should always be followed correctly as well as the tenses. In most cases, it is good to use future tense while writing a proposal through supervisor’s confirmation. There are general standard parts of a research proposal:

Title: should be short and straight to the point

Aims and objectives: should be less than three and in a case of more than three means that the research is broad and thus need narrowing.

Literature: it is important to mention main areas of study that will provide information about the dissertation.

Research details: this involves expansion of the research questions and ideas.

Methodology: research should either be empirical or non-empirical depending on the depth of study and method of data collection.

Results: second-guessing of the research results should be highly avoided, in this section, the researcher gives a summary of the expected results through the suggestion of target audience.

Timeline: this should be realistic, and you can use concept map or Gantt chart to show the management plan of the research.

Bibliography: a list of references should be provided depending with the guideline.

Thesis Proposal

This is the most crucial document that almost all universities consider as a confirmation of candidature of a student. Thesis proposal aims at convincing the university that research is indeed important; the student is introducing an original idea to the research field, the topic of research is feasible regarding funding availability, supervisors, data and equipment. In addition, the student needs to convince the institution that it is possible to complete the research work within the specified time and that ethical issues have been considered properly and approved by the ethics committee. Finally, the student should show that the topic of research matches their capacity and interests. There exist a distinct difference between doctoral and master’s thesis in lengths and complexity. The thesis proposal is normally presented in the form of a written report and also in a seminar to the postgraduate committee. Thesis proposal helps students in putting more focus on the aims as well as clarification of needs and importance of the research. In addition, it helps in describing methods, problem prediction and results. Preparation of a thesis proposal is an interactive process since it includes discussion of various drafts with the supervisor. It is, therefore, important to ensure that it is written regularly for the purpose of completing it on due date which is 3-9 months. When completed, thesis proposal will make a worthy contribution to the fulfilling field in that it will provide concrete evidence to approve or disapprove a theory, concept or model. It will also bring new information or data, new solutions, new analysis process or improved research techniques.

Dissertation Proofreading

As the needs road testing after repairs or servicing, good and appealing dissertation also require editing. Dissertation proofreading involves several tasks, and the editor should have a mechanical level of proofreading. In this case, the editor is responsible for searching and changing all incorrect or inappropriate. In addition, error collections, punctuations, formatting and grammar error collection is essential before submitting a dissertation. In a deeper level, a professional research dissertation editing involves a critical overview of the whole document to ensure that the dissertation is clearly stated and that all the paragraphs and sentences flow in a logical manner. This is to ensure that the innermost dissertation logic is clear and properly illustrated for the reader to understand. Good dissertation editing should be involving and remain to the scope of editor’s knowledge verifying the requirements of a standard document. Dissertation, proofreading team, consist of highly qualified professionals who are native speakers of English with great experience in scientific and academic as well as other disciplines. These professions must have written their dissertations and have taught, examined universities and have their scholarly published. The editor, therefore, is mandated to query and insert comments regarding statements in the paper that sea to be imprecise, incorrect or not stated in the best way. A good dissertation proofreading should ensure that the paper formatting is collect as well as the documentation style. Therefore, professional proofreading of a research dissertation is the last step done on before submitting the final dissertation for review. Dissertation proofreading determines whether it will be rejected or accepted.

Dissertation Formatting & Editing

All dissertations and thesis submitted to any institution should always follow an approved style as per the guidance of the dissertation and thesis department. Poor citations and formatting styles may result in dissertation disapproval. Writing styles guidelines give proper methods of formatting as well as other important aspects of preparing a well-researched manuscript. Some of the standard styles of writing a dissertation include APA, MLA and Chicago. Formatting is referred to as pages design in a document and other specifications for printing and presenting. Every dissertation should have a presentable page layout that includes margins, pagination, headers and footers. All the pages of a dissertation paper should be adjusted to 1.5inch in the left margin and 1.0 inch at the top, bottom and right margins. Mirror margins should not be used in any case and figures, appendix and tables must fit in the margins specified. A dissertation paper should contain a running header which is a text that is placed at the top of the document and a page number at the top right of the paper. Running head should be right aligned and one text smaller than other text in the main document. Thus the running head should be 0.5 inches from the top. The page numbers in a dissertation paper should be in the same font and size without dashes. All the pages that appear before the main text are known as front matter, and each is written on a separate page. Students must ensure that the following sections are included in all dissertations: title page, copyright page, and acknowledgement, table of contents, the abstract list of tables, list of figures and list of abbreviations. Same text should be used considerably throughout the document. The standard text font is Times New Romans font 12. Paragraphs differ depending on institution with some requiring the paragraphs first to line indented and others block. Full justification is not a necessity in writing dissertation proposals. Every dissertation should either be double spaced or 1.5 spaced between the lines.  

Thesis Writing

Every thesis writing paper contains the main point which is the argument made in the paper and is a reflection of the main idea concerning the dissertation. Thesis statement captures the researcher’s position. Thesis statement mainly focuses on researcher’s idea into a single or two sentences. The thesis statement in thesis writing is a presentation of the topic of the paper and also present researcher’s position about the topic. Few things should be avoided in thesis writing to get a successful thesis statement. The researcher should avoid great burying of the thesis statement within the paragraph, be clear and specific and avoid vague language. In addition, while writing a thesis, only the points of the paper should be described and not the researcher’s points. Thesis writing should have a limitation to what is being accomplished within the pages. It is, therefore, good to shape the statement to be specific to the idea in the discussion. This is important in that specific thesis writing has more possibilities of succeeding than a general thesis. In thesis writing, the thesis statement should mean more than just announcing the topic but should also determine the researcher’s position about the topic and the technique of analysing and planning the topic. It is not possible to know that thesis statement cannot be formulated before the writing of the paper is finished. This is because the ideas change and the writing continues. It is recommended that generic arguments and formulae not to be used during thesis writing. It is good first to have a draft before starting to write a thesis statement. The thesis statement should properly rephrase and quoting should highly be avoided. When an original, memorable and insightful thesis is written makes a good impression to the reader.

Custom Essays Writing

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College Application Essays

After completing high school, the most anxiety of many students is the college admission/application. Below are some important aspects of writing a good college admission essay.

Concise: though other application essays are supposed to be 275 words minimum, college application essay needs to be short and concise since it has to be attractive to the admission officer. Along college application essay tends to be boring.

Honesty: it is not advisable not to create imaginations of titles, offices and achievement that do not belong to you. College application letter does not require any inflation.

Uniqueness: college application essay presents one as a unique character than others applying for the same. It should, therefore, be on its own and provide a clear description of one’s thought.

Coherency: it is important to write each subject at a time without babbling them. Covering things within the essay is not acceptable since it sounds how busy the student is. This is because a college application essay is a step by step synopsis of student’s activities.

Accuracy: this does involve not only proper spelling but also other writing mechanics such as punctuations regarding comma and semi-comma usage


Vividness: a good college application essay is normally set like a story comparison, and it mentions the most important moments. It is important therefore to provide crucial details that help understand and vividly see the applicant’s setting.

Smartness: collages are important places to be since it is a place of the great secret in sports being played, in dorms and climbing walls. It is important that when a student is writing a college admission essay, intellectual vitality should well indicate.

Attractiveness: colleges are seen as communities, and it is where people get to socialise with others in classes and dorms. It was good therefore to present yourself as a likeable person who others can like to discuss issues with as well as hang around with.