Therac-25 Case Study

Ethical Issues in the Case

The Therac-25 case raises many ethical issues. The primary subject of concern in the case is safety (Bozdag 5). An analysis conducted at the three levels of the case (national, group, and individual levels) gives insights on the ethical issues raised in the case study. The three levels are unique and give rise to different ethical issues. The first ethical issue in Therac-25’s case concerns the quality of life.

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Personal Epistemology

Social Work

Social work is a profession that encourages social change and the empowerment of people to improve their welfare. The profession also entails solving problems affecting human relationships. Social work comes into play when human beings interrelate with their surroundings. The principal goals of social work are to empower individuals to realize their full potential, supplement their lives, and avert dysfunctions. The profession is interconnected to principles, values, and practice. In terms of values, social work is found in the regard for dignity, integrity, and equity. The desire to assist the disadvantaged members of society attaining their human needs and realize their full potential justifies and motivates social work.

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The Rise of ISIS


About four years ago, ISIS or the Islamic State was not in existence. Currently, it controls vast amounts of land in both Syria and Iraq. It has shown its handiwork daily on YouTube or Twitter. The group has repeatedly shown that it is bigger than a transnational terrorist group. Smith states that it has proved that it is an organization with a complicated command, logistical capabilities, control, and propaganda. It has also proven its potential to take over and administers important territory at the center of the Middle East. However, as the word leaders seek to understand how to react to the ISIS menace, they should first decipher the causes of its rise. The essay will seek to analyze the international, national, and individual factors that led to the rise of ISIS.

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Competition in the Global Automobile Industry


European, Asian, and American carmakers dominate the worldwide car-manufacturing market. The “big five” carmakers in the global industry are Toyota, Ford, General Motors, Hyundai, and Volkswagen. The automobile market is oligopolistic. An oligopolistic market implies that the industry is dominated by a small number of carmakers. Such a market is unique because the business action of one car manufacturer significantly influences the operations of the other players.

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