Business in Saudi Arabia


Business in Saudi Arabia

For a very long time, Saudi Arabia has completely depended on oil production; the government has relied on oil production for about ninety percent of its revenue. The country has been able to run independently and even support other countries such as Egypt. The economy of the country has performed very well until the recent past; Saudi Arabia has experienced sign significant drops in oil prices. The country has shifted from being a windfall producer to deficits; the government of our country is struggling to provide citizens with cushy jobs, tax-free living and expensive state handouts that have for an extended period bought the government domestic obedience. The government is, therefore, opting to cut wasteful subsidies and impose taxes on goods so that to reform its dying economy.

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Application of the Utilitarian Theory in Treatment of Criminals

The Utilitarian Theory is mostly employed to back the last three justifications of punishments i.e. incapacitation, deterrence and treatment. The Utilitarian theory states that punishing the unlawful crook benefits the whole society and this advantage outweighs the bad impact on the individual crook (Joycelyn, 326). This is a teleological spat due to the fact that the ethics of the chastisement is determined by the impacts derived-minimized crime. Jeremy Bentham was the main supporter of the Utilitarian theory of chastisement and recognized main strategies for its use.

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General Framework

This article is about vegetarianism in the US, a diet selection noted to be on the rise. It pursues the main question: Is American Vegetarianism stirred by health distresses, politics, or fashion? In tackling this research topic, the article shades light on the public talk concerning vegetarianism in the mass media and the opinions expressed by different interest groups, for instance, Persons for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, the meat-processing industry and health experts. By use of university learners and reflection in a university mess hall, this paper strives to disclose the motivations behind individual eating choices.


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