Case Study Analysis

Executive Summary

Fifteen years after Google had a remarkable ascent, the company began facing unpredictable aspirations; Google Glass which had been developed in open beta started making mobile apps and its web was made accessible within a the eye glasses of its users. Initially this was purely science fiction but by the year 2014 the product was on the shelves of down town stores for instantaneous purchase in customized colors and designs. The company’s self driving cars were also incredible; for they had covered millions of miles without the assistance of drivers on streets and highways. It is believed that this concept was too bold. This stems from the fact that Google had plans for a space elevator in which companies would use to cheaply launch their satellites. However, this plan was shelved when it was realized that the available materials were inadequately strong (Aaker, 2010).

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A New Mechanism to Detect Unknown Linux/IOS Attacks


Generating Payloads using MetaSploit and MSF Venom

MSF Venom is a command line tool that will help the testing team to generate stand alone payloads to execute on vulnerable machines and systems to remotely access the systems. MSF Venom is a combination of MSF Payload and MSF encode which support various options in testing system vulnerabilities. Some of these options availed by the MSF Venom include payload use which describes how to use custom payloads for the tests, list the various payloads standard options, outline the module type which may include payloads, encoders, determine the length size on the payload, output format, list the available formats (Almgren, 2000).

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Animal Experimentation Essay

Charity donations given to a medical conceivably assist in financing the study of animals. It is, therefore, necessary to be well informed on the issues concerning animals, to welcome an educated opinion to be made regarding whether it is suitable to fund the research on animals, which has become a multi-billion dollar industry (Daneshian, 2015). According to the law, it is very wrong to use animals for experimentation and for instructional teaching. Utilization of animals in research and in instructing is more concerned with their history and the customs than it is with science. Most countries like Kenya are not restricted to do scientific researches pertaining animals but the use of the animals in the research and experimentation is restricted. However, research on animals has become a ’huge business’. Today it is a multi-billion dollar industry, incorporating the concoction and pharmaceutical commercial enterprises and government bodies.

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Analyzing Social Media Interaction in Supermarkets

Background Study

The current technological advancements have elevated the collaborative communication between businesses and their consumers in a way such that, business engage in various technological platforms such as the social media to effect more penetrative and convictive communication to their consumers (Hanna, Rohm & Crittenden, 2011). More specifically, the social media allows corporations, organizations, and even individuals to create, exchange or share information, career interests, pictures, ideas, links, and videos in virtual communities. Consider the statistical report by Kietzmann et al. (2016) that provide that Facebook emerged the leading and most popular social network. The latter has up to 1 billion registered member accounts and up to 1.59 billion active users in every month.

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Constant Versus Variable

A constant is a quantity which does not change while a variable is a quantity that has the ability to change.

(Cleary & Klimenko, 2011). These two terms are commonly used in mathematical equations, geometry and even in functions. They are also used in computer science in source codes. In this case, constants are defined to be fixed.

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