Physics Lab Report



The objectives of this experiment were to understand equivalence of electrical and heat energy, learn techniques of calorimetry and how to measure both electrical energy and joule equivalent of electrical energy.


Joule equivalent of electrical or mechanical heat is the quantity of electrical energy contained in a unit of heat energy. The two forms of energy are measured in joules (J) . Heat energy is measured in kilocalories. Sir James Joule studied electrical and mechanical energy and found that between the two there is a constant of proportionality. This constant is the Joule equivalent of heat, denoted by J. In this experiment the factor was to be determined.

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Intimate Partner Violence


Domestic violence is a worldwide public health issue (Klein et al. 1997; WHO 2005) Pervasiveness of Intimate partner violence contrasts geologically and fiscally. In nations like Peru, Ethiopia, and Bangladesh, it accounted for to be 60%, while in Japan, it was 15 percent (Garcia-Moreno et al., 2006). At the point when a significant number of people consider domestic violence, they envision a circumstance where the injurious accomplice physically harms the casualty. Of the sorts of abusive behaviour at home, physical misuse stands out the type of abuse (Klein et al. 1997; WHO 2005) Aggressive behaviour at home can be physical, passionate, mental, budgetary, or sexual. Being exploited by a circumstance of abusive behaviour at home can make the sentiments of defencelessness, and even self-question, so it is imperative that you comprehend the diverse indications of misuse so you can distinguish the issue and get help. In a budgetary setting, it is high in low-centre pay nations (Kabir, Nasreen, and Edhborg, 2014). A survey by Tessera Bites additionally discovered private accomplice viciousness connected with melancholy (Bitew, 2014).

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Enterprise Architecture


The Peanut Company of Australia (PCA) procedures and markets superb, Hi Oleic peanuts and shelled nut items. They are Australia's driving supplier of peanuts to residential and abroad clients, handling a huge number of massive amounts of peanuts every season. PCA was built up in Queensland, Australia in 1924 as the Peanut Marketing Board (PMB). We spearheaded the business despite everything we are driving the way, setting global benchmarks in quality, generation, and corporate sector improvement. As one of the world's driving restrictive processors of Hi Oleic peanuts our exchanging accomplices incorporate a portion of the world's driving nourishment makers. PCA is included with all parts of the nut preparing esteem chain from growing new nut crop assortments to drying and shelling, reviewing, whitening, sorting, boiling and crushing the last item. Peanut is right now executing a critical change process which will guarantee proceeded with an arrangement with the commercial center and will convey enhancements to essential business exercises (Schneider, 2013). The company operations are situated in Kingaroy, Gayndah, and Tolga.

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Marketing Plan

Executive Summery

The New Shoes Simulation Company offers variety of shoes for men and women. The company seeks to venture into the shoe industry to provide quality shoe products. Backed by a strong and dedicated management team of professionals, the company plans to perform well exponentially in the shoe industry within a period of twelve years. The company also plans to enter the international markets in future so as to increase its market share.

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Global Business

Executive summary

Pharmaceuticals is an information based, innovation concentrated in an area that is specifically set to create and identify the market results of Australia's pharmaceuticals interest in medicinal exploration. The Australian pharmaceuticals companies contains bio-restorative examination, biotechnology firms, and nonspecific drugs organizations and administration related portions such as dissemination and wholesaling. The pharmaceuticals recorded a sale of $3.9 billion drugs in 2015 and recognized as the Australia's major made sales compared to others industries. The business utilized about 18,500 individuals in assembling and spent more than $500 million on pharmaceutical manufacturing in 2015. Offers of integral prescriptions of the companies was worth about $4 billion every year .The paper will discuss Aspen Australia pharmaceuticals company’s background information, its aims to work with other big pharmaceutical industries in other countries such as China and South Africa, the risk involved in conducting business with either of the companies as well as the entry strategy that Aspen Australia can use effective and deliver services to its esteemed customers and maintain its reputation. The paper ends with a conclusion and recommendation of the best company that Aspen Australia can merge with.

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