Case Study Analysis

Executive Summary

Fifteen years after Google had a remarkable ascent, the company began facing unpredictable aspirations; Google Glass which had been developed in open beta started making mobile apps and its web was made accessible within a the eye glasses of its users. Initially this was purely science fiction but by the year 2014 the product was on the shelves of down town stores for instantaneous purchase in customized colors and designs.

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Substance Abuse As a Hindrance To Achievement Of Adolescent Health Policy

Promoting adolescent health is one of the core objectives of the Healthy People 2020 which primarily focuses on observing the developmental pattern of the teenagers in the United States of America. This health promotion policy usually targets the adolescents who are between the ages of 10 to 19 and upcoming adults who are between the ages brackets of 20 to 24 years. The fact that the government wants to minimize the cases of chronic diseases developing during the adulthood period forms part of the reason why the health of the teenagers should be kept under strict watch. Although the federal government has shown concern for the well-being of the youth in the United States, the heightened level of substance abuse among the teenagers has hindered the promotion of the policy. (Healthy People 2020, 2014).

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Intercultural Understanding

Intercultural understanding refers to the knowledge of way of life of different people and communities. It is a very important value especially to me. It also helps me to live in peace with other people from different communities and states. I value individual culture, language, belief and even other people’s cultures. I use the understanding to solve issues facing the social world at local, regional, national and even global level. Lack of this core value may lead to local and international conflict which in turn may lead to slow economic growth and development. One of the driving forces of intercultural understanding is critical thinking.

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Counterterrorism and American Presence Overseas


The United States government has no more prominent obligation than securing the American citizens. However, its commitments don't end at its boundaries. The government has grasped its obligations regarding guaranteeing global security to serve its interests, maintain the responsibilities to associates and accomplices, and location of dangers that are genuinely worldwide. Satisfying the administration obligations relies on upon a reliable protection and secure country. It additionally requires a worldwide security stance in which special abilities are utilised inside assorted global coalitions and in the backing of nearby accomplices. The following analysis aims to explore various strategies, tactics, and tools used by the security agencies to deal with counterterrorism inside and outside the United States of America.

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Employee Motivation strategies at Qatar’s First Finance Company


This paper will evaluate the work culture of First Finance Company a leading financial institution in Qatar and how it can be improved to attract, motivate and retain its skilled workers. Evidence indicates that human resources are critical to a company’s successes for they provide the best returns on investments for any competitive advantage that is sustainable

(Luthans and Yousef 2004). This paper thus argues that Qatar’s First Finance Company should implement human resource management (HRM) at its strategic levels and benefit from HRM’s emerging approaches if it is to attract, develop and retain its talented employees. Most research in the field of human resource management concentrates on the attraction, motivation and retention of skilled employees (Horwitz et al. 2006; Baron et al. 2001; Evans et al. 2002).

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