A college admission essay is written by prospective students when applying to join a certain college. College admission officers refer to these essays for evidence that applicants can write well while supporting their ideas with some logical arguments. They also look for information that reveals the personality of an individual.

If you get an opportunity to meet a college representative, it will be wise to ask the purpose of their essays. However, this is rarely the possible. You should prepare to write an essay that demonstrates you as a candidate who is fit for admission and can handle the rigors of the chosen academic program.

Write an appealing introduction

You need to focus a lot of effort in writing your introduction as this will determine whether admission officers are going to read the whole essay or just skim over it. Start with a unique tone that makes you stand out from other applicants. If you have a good anecdote, start with it.

When you start your essay on a high point, it arouses the interest of the admission officers and encourages them to read up to the end. These individuals read thousands of applications and at some point will get bored. If your admission essay is boring, they will barely read beyond the introduction.

Maintain the Initial Tone

As you transit to the body of your essay, continue with the voice you began with in your introduction as you get into more details about the topic you picked for your application. Do not try to surprise the admissions team with thesaurus like vocabulary or flowery words. It is better to be yourself and maintain a comfortable writing style to avoid losing your way while trying to introduce jargon. After all, this might not be what the admissions officers are looking. Use descriptive language in an active voice.

Focus On the Why Question

Some colleges require applicants to write essays that explain why they chose them or career over others. The intention for the essay is to determine the goals by the candidates and how seriously they are committed to the college and the academic program.

This question should be your main focus for the essay as it reveals the reasons that made you choose that college or career path. If you provide convincing reasons, the more likely that the admissions officer will give the nod to your application.

Be Factual

When you are writing to convince a college that you choose the right career for you, it is important to gather facts that support your claim. If you make factual errors in your essay, it will make the readers assume you have not thought enough about your choice. For instance, you should research whether a college offers a major in a particular program before you write that in an admission essay. Be Concise and Coherent

Although many colleges only provide a minimum but no maximum number of words, the admissions officers have tons of them to read. They only have few minutes or seconds to read each. If you exceed 700 words, they will lose their patience and stop before discovering everything about you. It is better to choose one or two subjects that reveal your strong personality and abilities rather than scatter many points in the long but boring essay.

Show Your Academic Potential

Although an admission essay should cover mostly the non-academic areas that could not fit in other application documents, it is important to know that you are still applying to join a place of academic intellectuals. Remember to mention something that shows your academic prowess provided that it is brief.

End With a Strong Conclusion

Conclude your admission essay in a powerful, concise way that makes the reader understand your primary goals and the message commun

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