Parents Should Limit The Exposure Of Their Children To Media. 

Parents should limit the exposure of their children to media

Media has become part of children with over 75% having access to Smartphone, TV, videos and download interactive apps.  Some even visit different social media websites such as Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat. 25% of teenagers have constant access to the internet. Media brings the good and the bad.  It is a prompt that parents should limit exposure of the children to media.

Limiting exposure to media saves children from negative effects on the internet.  Overuse of internet can be problematic. Those who engage in heavy video gaming can get internet gaming disorder because they spend much time online. They have little in things happening offline and do not care much about relationships in real life. Up to 8 % of the children who spend the most time on the internet will have problems in, limiting their use.

They also put their lives at the risk of depression.   Contestant access to the internet and social networking put the children at the risk of cyberbullying and predators who take advantage of their young age. Children should be active in different physical activities. Those who depend on more than five hours watching TV or listening to something are at a higher risk of getting obesity than those who do it for two or fewer hours by five times.  They are more likely to overeat or take snacks when watching screen media. Too much media also causes sleep problems. 


Whereas it might be necessary to limit media use, parents who are continually controlling their kids take away their ability to handle challenges in life.  The children will, with time, lose their self-confidence and find it more challenging to succeed in life when they become adults.  Some of the children feel that parents do not trust them and become rebellious by accessing the good and harmful media without consulting parents. 


Privacy is precise as children grow older, but the parents should not be disengaged with their access to media. They must limit exposure of their children to media to protect them from any harmful media and balance access with other activities.  

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