Fair Use Policy

It is not the intention of Academicwritersbureau.com that our clients submit our custom written dissertation, essay or other academic assignments as their own. You should use the content on our model papers as a guide for further research and build knowledge to write your work. We want you to benefit from your university courses and plagiarizing our model papers will prevent you from gathering necessary knowledge for your module exams.

What are implications of handing in Academicwritersbureau.com customized work?

We write 100% authentic work according to order specifications and never upload it to the web. We do not store on our database or re-use submitted papers. It means that if you hand over this work to your professor, the university cannot know that you used our service by testing with a plagiarism scanner.

It does not mean that the faculty cannot find out that you did not write your paper something that can harm your grades. You tutors cannot recognize when you hand in work with content from sources that students do not access and a writing style that does not match yours. Additionally, your tutors may require you to explain your work to them. It will be difficult since you did not do the research. It is plagiarism to hand in any work by a researcher without changing it because you are using the words of someone as if they are your own. Changing the wording around is still plagiarism according to a strict definition of this word. Academicwritersbureau.com custom research will provide you with greater benefits if you act according to this fair use policy. It will help you to improve your grade, learn how to write brilliant academic papers and feel more satisfied for achieving something on your effort.

So why should I Buy a Model Paper?

As a student, you require much time to read through a vast amount of research materials. Some of it might not have relevant information to your studies. Additionally, the presentation style for research is usually different from the style you require to write you an academic assignment.

Tutors may give some valuable guidance on academic writing process but only at certain times. In fact, it is only a few instructors who confront the issue by designing model answers to practically show students how they should tackle their writing.

What is the best way to use a model answer?

When Academicwritersbureau.com completes and send your order, you should do the following:

  • Read through your model answer for you to understand the way our researcher responded to the question
  • Start to develop your ideas and arguments
  • Search for the material that your writer found and use if for finding, more materials relevant to your topic
  • Use the written work produced by our researcher as a reference for creating your unique work
  • Make sure that you develop the final work out of your creative work and that it is 100% original

One of the positive ways to succeed in education is to look at examples. It is the way we learned to gather knowledge since our childhood. Custom model answers are one of the best research tools that students can get. The answers provide students with a practical example of the way to tackle a question. A student can take an entirely different view from that of the researcher but still, the model answer provides students with a foundation to start the conducting their research and writing their work.

If you have further questions about Academicwritersbureau.com fair user policy and terms of the agreement, please contact our friendly customer experience team.

Writing Company by Laws

Are you forming a new company? Creating company by-laws is one of the first things you should do. Academic Writers Bureau understands that at this stage, you are busy tying up loose ends and it might be impossible to write. We offer Company by law writing services to help you in creating bylaws to dictate operating standards and procedures. You will inform us about you’re the scope of your business, and we will do the rest. Our work is to create bylaws that guide your corporation for the remainder of his life with a clear outline of what it can do and what it should not practice. We also set specific duties of directors and employees, ways of amending the bylaws and any other considerations.

Our writers

We assign the work of writing company bylaws to skilled writers with degrees in law with a specialty in corporate bylaws. After writing business law for a large number of businesses, each of our writers will know what your company requires. We are not a bylaw bank for reselling the same of business laws to our clients. The authors write fully customized regulations to match the specifications of business. You can contact your writer directly to discuss your company. It helps us to write regulations that cover all aspects of the firm.

Why us

  • We simplify management
  • The aim of our company by law writing services is to help in harmonizing the functions of individuals through an operational blueprint.

    We write bylaws customized for your enterprise to set the powers and rights of employees, directors, and shareholders. Since our bylaws separate the duties, they prevent operational disputed among the parties and help to settle any clash of roles.

  • We amend bylaws
  • Since rules companies change at some point, Academic Writers Bureau helps our clients to modify theirs to reflect a shift in the business operations. It is the reason why we include an amendment clause when writing the first set of bylaws for new businesses as we know that they need to amend them at some point. When you need to amend your bylaws, we will help you to identify and modify the critical sections without interfering with others.

  • Consistency
  • We correctly understand your organization, its purpose and ways of advancing to create matching bylaws. For large groups, we even consult the individuals. Our comprehensive research pays off because we create bylaws consistent with the other essential documents like articles of incorporation.

  • Confidentiality
  • We understand that many businesses are skeptical about their information. We offer confidential company by law writing services and never leak any business information to competitors or third parties. Only a few people who handle your order will access your information at the time of writing the bylaws. Once we complete and send the order, we do not store the laws for re-selling or reference.

    After we complete writing the first draft, we send it to the clients for review by their board of directors and voting on whether to approve it. We will do any necessary amendments free provided that they are no new additions.

  • Our guarantees
  • We assure our customers of well-research bylaws that our writers put down in a language that each person can underhand by leaving out unnecessary legal terminology. We research regulations governing companies in the state when you want to start your business so as to create an appropriate document.

  • Fast turnaround
  • Fill the order details on our order form, and we will immediately contact you with a custom quote. We assign a knowledgeable writer in your business to start drafting the bylaws soon as you make your payment. The writer will complete and notify you about it before the agreed turnaround.

Academic Writers Bureau offers company by law writing services to help new and existing businesses to cover legal basis and harmonize working process.

Employment Writing Agreements

Are you hiring? It is safe for you to have to create employment agreements with the new employees. A contract between employers and staff is binding and requires some knowledge of employment law and regulations. Academic Writers Bureau offers employment writing agreements service to help businesses create a document that sets the terms of relationship. After looking at rules of engagements, our writers draft a straightforward agreement that both parties can understand easily. We have been writing agreements for long and knew the details that s should make up an employment agreement. We ensure that we use unambiguous words. Our employment agreement writing service has seasoned writers who know the differences in law enforceable agreements. Our employment agreements have clauses that suit the needs of the employers and employees.

Why us

We help to prevent employee exodus

Academic Writers Bureau creates useful employment contracts for companies to control the ability of employees to leave their businesses without notice. It, in turn, saves their companies the implications of searching for new frequently as it time-consuming and very costly. Our aim is to help employers to lock their employees into a particular period. We create agreements requiring them to give adequate notice to train suitable replacements before they leave.

We create agreement to control confidentiality

Some employees have access to sensitive and confidential information on their employers and businesses. Our employment writing agreements service can insert confidentiality clause to prevent employees from disclosing confidential information or use it for their personal gain. If required, we also add clauses that prevent employees from turning into competitors after leaving a company. We entice skilled candidates

The employment agreement is not one-sided we affair. Academic Writers Bureau creates favorable contracts that attract highly qualified candidates to join our clients instead of their competition. We create contracts showing the potential employees about their job security and other beneficial terms. Job seekers look at our documents and consider the positions of our clients to be sweet deals.

Our writers

We do not assign the work of writing o any writer. Our employment agreement writers have relevant law educational background and experience in writing online and offline. You will get a deal that you and your employees will understand clearly. Our writers avoid using unnecessary jargon. They use proper grammar to write each agreement on its own merits.

Once you place an order, we assign a writer who understands the nature of running you type of business to create suitable clauses. The authors also ask for an incorporate your views when completing the agreement. The entire team strives to meet first instructions perfectly. The employment writing agreements service includes free revision in case a writer does not fulfill some of the instructions.

Our process

Academic Writers Bureau has an easy order process in these steps:

  • Place an order on the website
  • We assign a proficient writer the work of writing a suitable employment agreement for your organization and particular position
  • We will send an e-mail notification when the author completed the order

We consider our clients as part of the writing process and accept their input anytime. You can reach us through live chat, email, and phone or through social media platforms to pass on your concerns or seek answers.

Project Costs

We base the cost of agreements on estimated length of time that our writer takes to complete. Our cost for writing employment writing agreements is affordable especially for ordinary employment contract that does not require lengthy details.

Academic Writers Bureau creates dependable employment contracts that give employers greater control of their employees by setting standards for performance and termination. It simplifies cessation in case an employee does not maintain the norm. Our contracts also give job security to employees. And specify their benefits.

Operating Agreements & Non-disclosure Agreements

Written agreements are crucial for business as they specify terms & conditions. You can refer to them if a dispute arises or use them to support arguments in litigation. Academic Writers Bureau helps business owners to write agreements between them, their employees and business partners. Welcome to our operating agreements and nondisclosure agreements writing service. When you co-own a business with partners, we help you to draft an operating or shareholders agreement to give a legal substructure to outline the role of each partner in making functional and financial institutions.

We have much experience in writing operating agreements, the backbone of business because it shows the functions of each person and protects breach of the contract.

Our service also helps to protect the trade secrets that give a competitive edge in the markets by drafting binding nondisclosure agreements. This agreement prohibits company employees or partners from disclosing trade secrets like formulas, procedures and financial records to the public and competitors as it will compromise the ability to compete with other businesses.

Why us

We write enforceable agreements

Writing down something does not make it something that a court of law can enforce. We use our experience to determine the right way of writing agreements that are binding on the parties to protect your business.

We deter disputes

Academic Writers Bureau has professional writers with training in law. They will establish and write down all your obligations including the services that you should perform to fulfill their duties under this contract. They include as much detail as possible to prevent instances where someone can breach the contract by taking advantage of a loophole. They also describe all the responsibilities by other parties in operating agreements. Since all parties will abide by these agreements, it prevents conflicts within the business.

We write exclusive agreements

The purpose of our operating agreements and nondisclosure agreements writing service is to serve all clients on the merits of their orders. We do not sell pre-written contracts. When you contact us, we begin with a consultation to understand your business operations and the intended role for each person in the production chain. We use information from our clients to create documents for specific needs of their companies.

For operating agreements, we clearly define the rights, financial commitments and responsibilities of each. For non-disclosure agreements, we create a document that conforms to the laws of the state and gives you a legal backing to take action if an employee shares confidential information. Our non-disclosure agreements will give your company a right to certain penalties like a court injunction or compensation against serving and former employees for disclosing trade secrets they acquire in the course of their employment.

Our writers

Our business agreement writers had training in law and developed their skills when writing for us. You work with a writer who not only works on your order but also advises you on the best clauses to include in your agreements. You can find samples of nondisclosure and operating agreements that they wrote for previous customers to look at their writing capability. The writers are available for direct communication with the customers to discuss order requirements and progress.

You writer will drafts clear agreement

The modern society has become more litigate. Academic Writers Bureau keeps you safe from lawsuits by creating agreements that clearly outline what anybody who is part of your business will do and prevent miscommunication. You require more than a handshake to seal a deal. Contact our operating agreements and nondisclosure agreements writing service to write clear and specific agreements that remove ambiguity on the role of each party in your business.

Visit our website to contact support through chat or fill a contact form. You can also reach us through phone, email or social media platforms.

Privacy Policy

Academicwritersbureau.com is a duly Registered Company that takes all the precautions to secure your private information. This privacy policy informs you how we collect and use your personal information. Our privacy policy adheres to existing legislation.

Here, we refer to Academicwritersbureau.com unless otherwise stated.

Collection of Personal Information

We may ask you for personal information such as your name, email address and so on. We require this information when you ask for our service such as when you place an order, register for personalized service, or apply to become our writer.

Personal information helps us to supply our services or products and know your identity if you contact us. We only collect personal and payment information on a secure connection. Please note that Academic Writers Bureau cannot secure or accept responsibility for communication by email or other non-encrypted means whereby controlling access is beyond our control.

Academicwritersbureau.com Data Protection Notice

We never share your personal information with other companies or unauthorized individuals. Academicwritersbureau.com may use your information for customer, administration and marketing purposes. We limit our marketing communication to four per month and allow you to stop marketing communications any time.

If you provide information of other persons, you confirm that they gave you permission to share it with us and allowed us to process the personal data including the sensitive information. It also confirms you informed them about us and the purpose for which we will use their data as per this notice.

You have a right to request us to provide a copy of your personal information and correct any inaccuracies for a small fee. Contact us via our inquiries email if you want to know about your personal data that we possess or think that it is incorrect or getting misused. We may record/monitor telephone calls for purposes of our protection and training.

Sensitive Data

Academicwritersbureau.com may ask you for credit card details over the phone for us to process your payment for our service. Alternatively, you can enter the details through our secure website. We do not require details credit and debit cards for PayPal payments. We never store card details after processing payments. We only store banking details supplied by our writers to speed up invoice processing and take all precautions to secure this information.

Information On Website Visits

Academicwritersbureau.com might check your IP address when you visit our site to determine your location and give you relevant content. We can put a cookie on your computer to help us to know:

  • Your identity when you log in
  • When you log out
  • The number of times you visit the site

We can use analytics software to record non-statistical information such as the time you view a web page or regular paths through the website.

Use of Cookies

You can set your computer to accept or block cookies through your internet browser. Our website may fail to operate properly or deny your access to certain areas such as customer login area if you refuse cookies.

How we use personal information

We only use it for reasons we state we collect it or those that you anticipate. We get consent where necessary and never share the gathered personal information.

User age

Children under 16 years need permission by their parents or guardians to send us personal information. We reserve the right to remove personal data, cancel transactions and services if we determine that an under 16 sent us information without getting proper consent.

Links to other websites

We are not responsible for security and privacy of other sites that may have their links on our site. This privacy policy applies to our Academicwritersbureau.com website only. If you are not sure about links or websites, call or send an email to our inquiries email address. You can also contact us for in-depth information on our data handling.